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The Full Story of Stana Katic and Her Husband Kris Brkljac

Sea Published On Tue Apr 21 2020   Modified On Sun Jun 05 2022
The Full Story of Stana Katic and Her Husband Kris Brkljac

Stana Katic, who holds a net worth of $12 million, might be known as 'Kate Beckett' in 'Castle', but her movie career goes a lot further than her stint on television. Still, it seems she's grown accustomed to continuous recurring roles on television as she was off to Europe [Bulgaria] to film 'Absentia'.

Speaking of which, did you know she is of Serbian and Croatian descent? Of course, her last name might've given it away. And so is her husband, Kris Brkljac. Well, Katic is actually Canadian-born and also has dual citizenship in the US as well.

Stana Katic is married to her husband, Kris Brkljac.

Stana Katic is married to her husband, Kris Brkljac.
Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans were blown away when wedding reports of the two came around, especially because she was linked to her 'Castle' co-star Nathan Fillion & Brkljac was named a "longtime boyfriend". Yeah, it burst a huge bubble at the time.

Surprisingly, Stana Katic's History with Husband Kris Brkljac Goes Before 'Castle' Even Started

The definition of a longtime boyfriend for Brkljac comes due to the fact that he and Stanic were in a relationship for much earlier than just the past decade. In fact, they were thought to have separated somewhere in their early relationship, only to reconcile later. But that one might've been just a hoax.

They reportedly met via Stana's brother, Marko Katic, who Kris met via his business connections (Marko was apparently an intern at Kris's company 180now in 2007). And they were pictured together in 2007, in which the two were recognized by a few keen fans.

There are a lot of photos of the two in the coming years as they even attended the 'Castle' Christmas party in 2008 and the 'Castle' premiere party in 2009. At one point, during Stana's grandmother's obituary, Kris's middle name, Srboljub, was mentioned with Stana's name, indicating they were partners, according to Serbian culture.

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The two continued to be seen together on a number of occasions, on vacations and even on award shows. And it's only a wonder why no one noticed the real guy in her life. The AMAs, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', People's Choice Awards and so on — Really? They were spotted at the 2012 Elton John Academy Awards viewing party in LA, Katic wearing a stunning purple gown.

There was also a case of the reports of Katic and Fillion really dating for three years. And some gossip portal also claims Katic took a break from her now-husband too, before getting back together with him. Fitting the two in the puzzle, it might've been the case of a short-term fling between Katic & Fillion while it took her time to realize Brkljac's importance in her life. Still, there's no denying how the two 'Castle' front-people had a sour relationship later. That's gossip too.

Despite Being Married, Katic Is Still Secretive about Her Beau

If you missed all the appearances of the two together, then you must've noticed him in one of the episodes of 'Castle'. He was uncredited for his appearance. Furthermore, he was also in the Stana-starring movie, 'Lost in Florence'. He was one of the guys in 'White Team Diner'. The shooting for the movie happened before the two were married.

Stana Katic's husband Kris Brkljac was in the movie 'Lost in Florence.'

Stana Katic's husband Kris Brkljac was in the movie 'Lost in Florence.'
Photo Source: Instagram

Kris was photographed a lot of times with Stana, but the rumors between them only came from photo-archiving sites. When it was confirmed that they were married, every other romantic link for Stana just died off.

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According to the representatives, the couple married on April 25, 2015, a day before her birthday, "a private family monastery on the Dalmatian coast". The location is in Croatia, bordered by the Adriatic Sea.

The two are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in a few days, but Stana is still hesitant to show her hubby to the world as openly as her fans want her to. But maybe that's just what he actually wants from her as he even doesn't have a social media account yet. Even if he does, he's pretty difficult to find.

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