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Home health Is Nicole Byer's Weight Loss Rumors True? Here's Her Actual Story

Is Nicole Byer's Weight Loss Rumors True? Here's Her Actual Story

Bran Published On Tue Apr 07 2020   Modified On Fri May 20 2022
Is Nicole Byer's Weight Loss Rumors True? Here's Her Actual Story

The host of Netflix's comedy series, 'Nailed It,' Nicole Byer, recently came off with a book, #veryfat#verybrave, where she delves into everything about being fat. Today we take you close to the facts behind her weight loss rumors. 

When it comes to humor and comedy, the 'Nailed It!' host, Nicole Byer, is a complete package. Be it with her starring roles in MTV and Facebook Watch's '*Loosely Exactly Nicole' or guest roles in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'The Good Place,' Byer is quite settled in the entertainment industry. Besides the professional hype, she remains in the headlines for her lifestyle as well, as there were heavy rumors about how the comedian lost significant weight.

John Cena and Byer co-hosted the 'Wipeout' Revival Series. Did the actress lose all the Weight as the pictures show and the fans speculate, or is that all a made-up story? Let's find out.

Nicole Byer's Flashy Picture Started the Weightloss Rumors

All the hype regarding the book-author Nicole Byer's weight loss started when she posted two pictures on her Instagram in August 2018. Well, the post came as a surprise for the fans since she displayed her fine body in underwear, like one of the models. However, the actress made it pretty clear with the caption revealing how one of the two pictures was edited, labeling it as a fantasy.

Nicole Byer in a black top poses a picture at a Netflix event.

Nicole Byer is the host of Netflix's comedy series, Nailed It!
Photo Source: Independent

Like all the expectations, the online post created the buzz among the fans on her weight-loss status of Byer, even though she openly admitted that the pictures were edited. In fact, the captions put her views straightforward, claiming that she feels no problem editing photographs to make her look slim. Likewise, the actress made it pretty clear how she was happy with her original body, no matter what the world called and thought. 

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The thoughts on Byer regarding the weight loss speculations and her body will probably be explained much more clearly in her brand new book in 2020. Although the title is pretty long as '#Veryfat #Verybrave: A Fat Girl's Guide to Being Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down in the Dumps, Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini', it seems to portray her feelings regarding her weight and society. 

Nicole Byer Didn't Lose Weight

The Instagram picture was photoshopped as the comedian Nicole Byer never seemed to be interested in losing her Weight. Interestingly, she loves for who she is and often talks in interviews about how she adores her body. 

Nicole Byer responded to a fan-tweet denying weight-loss.

Nicole Byer will release her lifestyle read in May 2020.
Photo Source: Twitter

One of her fans on Twitter saw a slight transformation in Nicole Byer as she appeared in the second season of Netflix's 'Nailed It!'. The fan went straightway and asked whether the celebrity went to the extreme to cut her weight. The response came at an instant for the body-sensitive diva as she denied the rumors and revealed how she switched up wigs, which showed the changes.

Nicole Byer in a black dress poses for a picture.

Nicole Byer appeared as herself in 2020's Bad Hair.
Photo Source: Health

It is quite apparent that the comedian is full of humor, and she made a joke about how her greatest fear was getting too fat in a tweet back on November 3, 2015. Therefore, jokes apart, there is no way the single comedian has tried losing weight before, and it is improbable that she will ever walk down that road as she loves her thick body no matter what others say.

Nicole Byer's new book on her body released in 2020

While Nicole Byer remains optimistic over her big Weight, she lives by all the hate, criticisms, and disadvantage of her appearance. Despite all that, she tries to be brave and confident and is the rare breed to do photoshoots and bikini poses.

Furthermore, the actress delves into all the experiences in a brand new book, VERYFAT #VERYBRAVE: The Fat Girl's Guide to Being #Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-in-the-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikiniwhich was released in May 2020.

Nicole Byer poses in a bikini in front of a swimming pool.

Nicole Byer denied all the rumors of her weight-loss journey.
Photo Source: Revelist

The lifestyle read aims to put her experience alongside the advice to everyone like her to find the perfect bikini, be brave, and handle the haters. The self-guide book could be inspirational to many as the 5'7'' diva announced the release date of May 19, 2020, on her official Instagram handle. 

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With worth over millions, Byer opened up in one of her interviews about how she thought about the hot weather and opted for a bikini rather than the sleeves. Interestingly, she didn't think about anyone else but only about her comfort, which got her used to it. The book-writer said, "So, I wore a bikini - and I didn't die!" The 'Bad Hair' actress supports body positivity and remains an inspirational figure for everyone short of confidence due to their appearance and weight.

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