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Orlando Brown Family - Facts About His Wife & Kids

Matthew Published On Wed Jan 29 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 29 2020
Orlando Brown Family - Facts About His Wife & Kids

Here are all the details about Orlando Brown's family; his wife and kids!

If you were born in the eighties, then you might be quite familiar with Orlando Brown. He is the guy who started as a child star and played 'Eddie Thomas' on the popular 2003 Disney Channel Show 'That's So Raven'. But after that, Orlando's career never really took off after then as the actor began appearing the controversies around drugs.

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Once a well-known child star, who appeared in shows like 'Family Matters,' 'Two of a Kind,' and movies like 'Major Payne' and Max Keeble's 'Big Movies' disappeared from the limelight after his substance abuse. Orlando came out to the public with a neck tattoo of his former co-star Raven-Symone, after which, on the same year, he entered rehab.

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With allegations like the late American musical icon, Michael Jackson being his father and his oldest child is between the age of 16 and 18 when he was only 31, Orlando's life became the topic of multiple controversies. While the 32 years old made several claims about his love interests and fathering numerous children, there exists not even a single shred of evidence to prove his claims.

Does Orlando Brown Have a Wife?

This right here is a million-dollar question. But as far as the internet is aware, Orlando Brown, who boasts a net worth of $200,000, isn't tied into a marital union with anyone. Brown made numerous proclamations regarding his romances in the past, but it's hard to believe any of those because Brown suffers from mental illnesses.

The 30 years old Orlando Brown is not married.

The 30 years old Orlando Brown is not married.
Source: Page Six

It seems as though Brown faced many troublesome times when it comes to relationships. Orlando raised last year when eyebrows when he appeared on Dr. Phil Show and claimed that he fathered 'quite a bit' of children with multiple women.

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The aftermath of his substance abuse, Orlando Brown's mental health took a subsequent hit. The 'That's So Raven' actor is known for making many delusional comments now and then. Even in the interview with Dr. Phil McGraw changed some facts about his personal life within just 30 minutes.

Orlando Brown's Kids

The effects of crystal meth or only drug addiction can be spotted with Brown's present condition. Orlando Brown's life is an absolute mess, be it financially or mentally.

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On his interview with Dr. Phil, Orlando Brown claimed to have many kids but only acknowledged four of them. To quote, Brown said,

I got a 2-year-old, 4-year-old…5-year-old, 8 and 11… Two-year-old still in the belly. We don't know [the name] yet.

Two years old still in the belly? If that comment wasn't absurd, Orlando claimed that he was the son of Michael Jackson, and his full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson.

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McGraw right after Brown's comment about on children revealed that he said something else barely 30 minutes before. The host of the interview stated,

I asked you before if you had kids. You said, "Yes, I have four." And I said, "Okay, what are their ages?" You said, "Two, five, 11, and 16." The oldest. I said, "What's the two-year-old's name?" You said Shyler. The five year old is Mason. The 11 year old is John. 16 years old, I don't know, I gotta find out.

It's quite evident that the actor isn't in his right mind and still struggles with the aftereffect. The delusions seem to blur Brown's conception of reality and confuse him about the events of his own life. 

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