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Home health Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan - All the Details Here

Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan - All the Details Here

Heisenberg Published On Fri Jul 10 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 27 2022
Roger Raglin Weight Loss Plan - All the Details Here

Grab all the details on the weight loss of the TV personality Roger Raglin.

Roger Raglin is well known for his television show 'Roger Raglin Outdoors.' The series, which has been airing on Outdoor Channel for over 15 years is an extremely popular TV program. He produced over full-featured hunting entertainment videos, making him one of the prolific producers of all time. For his works, he won 3 Golden Moose Fan Favorite Awards in 1 year and was inducted into the National Outdoor Sports Hall of Fame in 2011.

Roger Raglin is one of the most prominent people in the hunting industry. The producer also gained traction in recent times for his incredible weight loss by dropping 80 pounds of excess body fat. How did he do it? Let's find out.

How Did Roger Raglin Undergo Weight Loss?

Roger Raglin, who is married to his wife, Darlene Raglin, weighed above the average amount for most of his adult life, weighing 300 pounds at his heaviest. And every month, he used to add a few pounds to his previous weight, making him get bigger as the years passed. He knew he had to make a change to his lifestyle or else it could be damaging to his health and even his career. So, he embarked upon a weight loss journey.

Roger Raglin lost 80 pounds of weight in six months.

Roger Raglin lost 80 pounds of weight in six months.
Source: Tulsa World

Roger Raglin made only one change to his lifestyle to undergo weight loss, and it made a tremendous impact on his life resulting in a successful weight loss. The thing he changed was his diet, by changing his eating habits Roger Raglin was able to lose a significant amount of weight. In just over the course of less than five months he went from size 50 to 42-losing a total of 40 inches overall, which is quite an achievement in itself. He also lost 4 inches of fat thickness around his neck.

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Roger Raglin went down 10 pant sizes which is 80 pounds in measurements. And it was a 100% diet. Nowadays, the old pants he used to wear are too big for him.

Roger Raglin Diet Plan

Along with an introductory video he put on his website, Roger Raglin described everything he did to undergo such an impressive weight loss. The website contains a section wholly dedicated to the approaches Roger used to drop pounds, with lots of explanatory videos too.

Roger Raglin lost the incredible amount of weight by changing his diet.

Roger Raglin lost an incredible amount of weight by changing his diet.
Source: The Sportsman Channel

Roger, who holds a net worth of $1 million, claims that by solely changing his eating habits - no exercise, no pills - he was able to lose weight. He adopted a healthy eating routine and discarded his old habits of overeating. He became more conscious of what he ate and when he ate, making sure he was eating an appropriate diet at the right time. 

He also drank lots of water and avoided fast food items as much as possible. Instead of consuming products high in carbohydrates and added sugar, he consumed organic vegetables and fruit. That way, with full control of his diet, he was able to reduce his body weight in a short period of 5 months even in his sixties.

Roger has written a book about weight loss. He shares his experience in the book. One can easily read his work by buying it from Amazon. Talking about the price, if you want a paperback it will cost you $39.95. Similarly, if you want to enjoy it from kindle it will only cost you $19.99. 

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