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Find the Secret to Tanya Burr's Weight Loss Without Dieting

Kenshinpark Published On Wed Jun 10 2020   Modified On Wed Jun 10 2020
Find the Secret to Tanya Burr's Weight Loss Without Dieting

Tanya Burr is an English actress and YouTuber who is known for posting fashion videos on her channel since 2009. The Internet personality pursued her career acting in 2017 and appeared in guest roles for series such as 'Bulletproof and Holby City,' and in the movie 'Hurt by Paradise.'

But more than an actress, Tanya likes to be known as a YouTuber as it is the platform that really helped further her career, and she is mostly active on it. Since she is a fashion YouTuber, she often puts pictures of her in Bikini on her social media. While it's obvious the fans praise her beauty, there are something fans want to know too.

Often when she posts pictures, she gets asked how she lost weight, what's the secret to her incredible weight loss and stuff like that. So, let's just dive into the facts of how How Tanya Burr lost weight.

Tanya Burr's Weight Loss

It's pretty much every day fans ask her questions. And it's not even possible to answer every single one of them. But luckily, there's an instance when the internet personality really took her time to reply to one of her fans on her social media.

tanya burr weight loss.

No dieting and still maintains that killer body.
Photo Source: Tanya Burr's Instagram

This goes back to the time when Tanya posted a picture of her on her holiday. One of the fans asked about her diet plan and fitness routine adding she looks incredible "and I need to do what you are doing." 

Here's what Tanya replied: 

"I don't have one! I do Barry's Bootcamp once or twice a week, I work out really hard when I do it, but I am not very dedicated to it and can go three weeks without doing one. I eat all foods and alcohol, just whatever I feel like that day. My secret is not trying to diet anymore, and so then it's so much easier, and you're not thinking ooo I can't eat that which just makes you want it more x."

So, there you have it from Tanya herself; the key to her beautiful body is not to diet. Tanya further added, "I am actually so anti-diets now. And anti-trying to eat perfect and healthy all the time."

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So, we can understand you are still confused, about how she maintains her perfect body despite being "anti-diet." But she did mention a workout. So, let's find out about it.

Tanya Burr's Workout

As we mentioned earlier, Tanya goes twice a week to Barry's Bootcamp. But she also stressed she works out just a little bit, and hardly follows any strict rules for her workout too. 

tanya burr weight loss.

Tanya follows no strict workout regime, but look at that body.
Photo Source: Tanya Burr's Instagram

The YouTuber turned actress said, "There is no strict routine with it, there is no 'I have to do this' or 'I have to do that'. When I feel like it, I will do a workout." She further added, Barry's Bootcamp is 'really hard,' but she enjoys it, which in turn makes it easier to lose weight. 

So, what we can learn from this is, Tanya is naturally blessed with all her amazing figures, and hardly needs to do anything extra to maintain her flawless body.

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