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Taylor Swift Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Kenshinpark Published On Fri Jul 24 2020   Modified On Fri Jul 24 2020
Taylor Swift Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Fans suspect Taylor Swift is pregnant.

Guess, Taylor Swift is full of surprises this year. Just yesterday, we covered a story the singer released her new surprise album, and only a day after, there are new rumors about her.

As a die-hard fan, people notice nuances in their favorite celebrities. When Taylor stayed up till midnight to catch their first listening party of her eighth studio album, fans noticed something.

According to the fans, Taylor is pregnant and expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Fans went all in as soon as the theory emerged, they listened to song-to-song, hoping they would find some easter eggs in her lyrics.

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Some claimed she hasn't shown off her midsection in recent photos to what they say is an alleged baby bump visible in her "Cardigan" music video to the lyrics of "peace" in which she sings, "give you my wild, give you my child."

Her fans flocked on Twitter with their speculations; one fan wrote, "Taylor, are you pregnant?  What are these words in a song's peace? Your eyes are blue, like the ocean. Your brother is my brother. You are the family I will give you the child please till us please you can't keep that secret😭🤍🥺and look at your body there's a baby, I'm sure."

Another fan wrote, "I just checked the lyrics of peace, and she said, "Give you my wild, give you a child," IS SHE PREGNANT??????????????? OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH @taylorswift13 ARE YOU PREGNANT??????"

Though the internet is filled with speculations, the singer has not made any comments about the rumors. But previously, as soon as her new album, Folklore, dropped, Taylor said, "in isolation, my imagination has run wild, and this album is the result."

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