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Home news Tristan Pravong's Basic Facts Revealed: Get to Know Asian-American Actor

Tristan Pravong's Basic Facts Revealed: Get to Know Asian-American Actor

terry Published On Mon May 29 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 09 2023
Tristan Pravong's Basic Facts Revealed: Get to Know Asian-American Actor

Tristan Pravong, a rising star in Hollywood, has gained the attention of many, leaving fans curious about his background.

Many wonder where his surname Pravong is originally from. Pravong is a surname common surname in North America and this proofs his father is American which is confusing through his Asian looks. His mother is in fact Asian.

He currently lives in Texas.

It is evident that Tristan is of Asian and American descent. Although he has made public appearances with his mother, who appears to be of Asian origin, the details regarding her specific heritage and Tristan's father remain unclear. 

Pravong's facial features hint at a mixed background, but the truth hasn't been officially confirmed.

His Works

Pravong has worked on four projects till 2023 and they are as follows.

2019I'm Still Here (Short)Kyrin
2021Camille vs Roscoe SmithSparing Partner
2021The Black PhoneBruce
2023Forever and a DayKyrin

Tristan Pravong's Age and Height 

Born on May 13, 2005, Tristan turned 18 in 2023. 

Regarding his physical stature, Pravong stands at a height for an Asian teenager, reportedly around 5'7". 

However, according to the American standard, he seems to be facing a slight challenge in reaching his full growth potential. Some sources state his height as 5 feet 6 inches, whereas the average height for a 17-year-old in the United States is already 5'9". 

Considering Tristan's Asian background, it is possible that he has already reached his maximum height. However, there is also the chance that he may experience a growth spurt in the future.

Should that occur, he could easily surpass 5'11" by the age of 20. Given his current age of 17, Tristan still has several years ahead of him, leaving ample room for further growth. 

Pravong's Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Tristan Pravong, who is from Hurst, Texas, started his acting career with a notable debut in the 2019 short film "I'm Still Here," portraying the character of Kyrin. 

Two years later, he secured another role in the short film "Camille vs Roscoe Smith" as a random sparing partner. 

Pravong's breakthrough came with his major role in the 2021 horror film "The Black Phone," where he portrayed the character of Bruce alongside acclaimed actors such as Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Davies, Jacob Moran, Tory Rudeseal, and Mason Thames.

Tristan Pravong and Ethan Hawke has already worked together.

Following this success, Tristan played the role of Kyrin once again in the 2022 drama film "Forever and a Day," starring alongside young talents like Charlotte Delaney Riggs, Keegan Bouton, Marla Acevedo, and Harper Heath. 

Tristan Pravong's Profile at a Glance: 

Date of Birth: May 13, 2005 
Age: 17 
Height: 5ft 7in 
Birth Sign: Taurus 
Ethnicity: Asian-American 
Nationality: American 

Tristan Pravong continues to captivate audiences with his talent and potential. 

As he navigates his way through the entertainment industry, his ethnic background, age, and height add to the intrigue surrounding this young Hollywood actor.

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