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Victoria Pedretti Reveals Her Experience Working with Penn Badgley in Netflix You

Alizeh Published On Thu Feb 06 2020   Modified On Thu Feb 06 2020
Victoria Pedretti Reveals Her Experience Working with Penn Badgley in Netflix You

Netflix You series created quite a buzz. In all the craziness with the saga of Joe Goldberg, people are weirdly fascinated by our toxic couple Joe and Love. The show is about Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley, a psycho serial killer who fixates on women using every tool at his disposal to become close to her.

Even going so far as to remove any obstacle, including people that stand in his way of getting to her and in this season its Victoria Pedretti.

victoria and penn hugging

Victoria Pedretti talks about Penn Badgley.
Source: Reddit

In the second season, both the cast Penn and Victoria look ever so charming and perfect for the role. The chemistry between Joe and Love is fantastic in the show, but let's see what they think about one another in real life.

Pedretti was contacted by showrunners Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble after they watched her performance on Hill House. "They had told me about the character of Love Quinn, and I was really excited about the notion of doing it." 

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"I remember doing a chemistry read with Penn Badgley, and it was like going through a tornado, and coming out and just being like, 'Whoop, well, I did my best!'" said Pedretti. 

victoria and penn reading the You script

Victoria and Penn on the meeting of You.
Source: Daily Mail

And we could surely see the impeccable chemistry the pair created on screen. Penn and Victoria made each and every scene seem very real and amazingly captivating. 

Watch: Penn prank Victoria Pedretti 

The audience were very into the Love and Joe pair more than Joe and Beck from the first season. Mainly because the character of Love Quinn was very different than that of Beck, the second season of You gave the audience a female character that they could bite into as she had so many layers.

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We can see the comfort and understanding level among the actors, like when they did the 'prank' video with Victoria, it shows the level of comfort. Plus, both Penn and Victoria have similar thoughts about the character of Joe and love. 

"(You is) completely romanticized, and Joe and Love aren't real people. But I find true crime shows are often exaggerated and make people scared of going outside their house, and I can't do that to myself.

The actress added, "I am already perfectly aware of how scared I should be in the world. I don't need to stir more of that up."

Love and joe on the wedding

Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg.
Source: TV Line

Penn also thinks about how people should not romanticize the crazy relationship of the series. They are aware of the fact that Love and Joe are problematic characters who people should not idolize.

Penn and Victoria both speak of each other highly and carry a sense of respect that actors must have to bring out the chemistry on screen. 

Watch: Victoria talk about You 

The third season of You is said to air in 2021, and the way season 2 of You took an unexpected turn, in the end, the audience are eagerly waiting for the third one. 

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The viewers have loved the chemistry of Penn and Victoria; fans have adapted to their pair on-screen, hoping to see them in the third one too.

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