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Who is Ava Maurer Koo? Here are Some Facts You Should Know

Heisenberg Published On Tue Dec 29 2020   Modified On Tue Dec 29 2020
Who is Ava Maurer Koo? Here are Some Facts You Should Know

Learn all the details you need to know about the girlfriend, Ava Maurer Koo, of the South Korean American football placekicker Younghoe Koo.

Younghoe Koo has a reputation as one of the most talented placekickers in the National Football League (NFL), and no one is arguing with that. Well recognized for his incredible skill to successfully execute onside kicks, he's been an important player of the Atlanta Falcons since he joined them in 2019.

Apart from his decent playing career, Younghoe Koo also leads a thriving personal life. He is currently in a relationship with Ava Maurer Koo, his girlfriend, who has been dating for a while now. But how much do we know of her? Let's see some important facts about her, so we get to know her better.

Ava Maurer Prefers to Keep the Details Regarding Her Personal Life Out of Limelight

Learning about the personal lives of most NFL players' wives and girlfriends is not difficult. But some player spouses do not want their personal life to be in the limelight. Ava Maurer Koo is one of them, who's so far, kept mum about her personal life and early life.

Younghoe Koo is in relationship with Ava Maurer Koo.

Younghoe Koo is in a relationship with Ava Maurer Koo.
Source: Glamour Fame

Younghoe Koo is one of the very few Korean players playing in the National Football League (NFL). And when it comes to relationships, he seems to prefer American girls, as Ava Maurer Koo is American.

Younghoe Koo likes exposing himself to diverse cultures and traditions from various parts of the world. And he is also adapting himself to those changes that he needs to be accustomed to in a diverse country like the United States. His American girlfriend, Ava Maurer, is helping him a lot in this respect.

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'I don't notice it, but when I went to New Jersey and I'm saying 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am,' I know it's been a fun journey,' Younghoe Koo says about the changes he's been adapting in his life.

Younghoe Koo and His Girlfriend Ava Maurer are Childhood Sweethearts

Ava Maurer and Younghoe Koo are childhood sweethearts who have been in love since eighth grade. And Ava saw how Younghoe's transformed from the dreamer he was as a child into the man living his dream.

Younghoe Koo and his girlfriend Ava Maurer are childhood sweethearts.

Younghoe Koo and his girlfriend Ava Maurer are childhood sweethearts.
Source: Ava Maurer Twitter

Younghoe Koo dreamed of becoming an NFL player way back when he was in middle school. And he worked hard all his life to achieve it. A few months after he graduated from Georgia Southern as a first-team all-conference kicker, he signed with the Los Angeles Chargers as an undrafted free agent.

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Younghoe Koo went on to beat the incumbent Josh Lambo in training and became the fourth player born in South Korea in NFL history. 'It very much felt like a dream,' Ava said, as per ESPN.

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