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Home news Carrie Underwood Is Afraid of Turtles, Here's Why

Carrie Underwood Is Afraid of Turtles, Here's Why

Eric Published On Sun Jan 17 2021   Modified On Sun Jan 17 2021
Carrie Underwood Is Afraid of Turtles, Here's Why

The American singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood is afraid of turtles.

This news might be shocking for many of Carrie Underwood's fans, but here we go, she is afraid of turtles. Indeed, she gets chills from the little reptile.

Underwood shared the news with the world through The Drew Barrymore Show. She earlier this week revealed she is afraid of turtles.

Although the American singer, 37, said she doesn't like, and fears turtles, she did clarify that it isn't a petrifying one. As explained by her, the terrifying feeling she got for the turtles is because they're the ones who have bit her the most.

Yes, you read that right. Underwood fears turtles not because she hates animals; in fact, she loves animals; however, while growing up in Oklahoma, she often got in touch with Turtles, and while playing with them, she repeatedly got bitten. 

According to Inside Your Heaven singer, "Turtles were the easiest things to catch because they are slow," she added, "I would catch them, and I love animals so much that I feel like I would always try to pet them or hug them, and that led to them taking opportunities. I've been bitten by lots of turtles. It does not feel good."

The American singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood who is married to former NHL star Mike Fisher is afraid of turtles.

Carrie Underwood with her better-half, Mike Fisher.
Photo Source: Wide Open Country

So, Underwood's distress in front of turtles was originated from the harrowing experience she got in her childhood. Due to this, she might never pet a turtle; however, the Cowboy Casanova artist does have several animals at her Tennessee home.

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Like we mentioned earlier, Underwood loves animals; thus, her Tennessee home is filled with beautiful animals. As Pop Culture noted, she got dogs, horses, chickens, and recently she got cows as her Christmas present from her husband, former NHL player Mike Fisher.

Underwood and her beau Mike purchased the two bovines at a cattle auction. She and her older son, Isaiah Michael, 5, named their family's new additions; they christened the cows' Brownie and Oreo

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