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Christina Aguilera Weight Loss — The Diet Secret and Stress Relief Regimen

Bran Published On Sat May 02 2020   Modified On Sat May 02 2020
Christina Aguilera Weight Loss — The Diet Secret and Stress Relief Regimen

If you aren't a fan of Christina Aguilera, which would be quite surprising, you might be impressed with her dramatic weight loss journey. Grab all the details right here.

When it comes to music, Christina Aguilera is arguably one of the greatest singers all-time, as she bagged over five Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million records.  The gorgeous diva has been in the entertainment industry since the age of eight, and she isn't looking to stop anytime soon.

While we are used to seeing Aguilera in a slim and fit shape, the talented singer wasn't always in the same form. You would be quite surprised to see her gained weight following her pregnancy in 2008. As a star with a global following, the pressure was immense, with many comments and criticisms on her appearances. But, she did get back at everyone after a dramatic transformation in 2013 to lose about 50 pounds, thanks to small lifestyle alterations.

The Reasons for Christina Aguilera's Weight Gain

It all began with Christina's marriage with ex-husband Jordan Bratman and their decision to embrace and start a family. Consequently, the R&B singer became a mother for the first time as she gave birth to her first son Max Bratman in January 2008. While it was a significant personal milestone for the talented artist, it did cause significant changes to her appearance with increased pregnancy weight.

Before and After picture of Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera lost 49-pounds after some small lifestyle changes.
Photo Source: Cheatsheet

Following the pregnancy, Christina did face massive difficulties in maintaining her shape but was positive throughout all the stages.

As a woman, I'm proud to embrace my body through all stages of life. Staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.

While offsprings tend to be an additional source of happiness in marriages, the case was different for Christina Aguilera and her beau Jordan Bratman. A rough patch began in their relationship that did go on to be big enough to cause a divorce in 2011. Following the split-off, she did go on to clubbing and drinking consistently with the new boyfriendMatthew Rutler. Not just that, she also signed with 'The Voice' as a judge, which did put her on hectic pressure and stress to cause hunger and result in increased weight.

Initially Lost Weight for Burlesque

In 2009, singer Christina Aguilera took the initial steps to lose weight, especially for her debut in Hollywood on 'Burlesque.' Since she was to portray the lead role of 'Alice Marilyn Rose' in the film, the diva didn't get to stay on her comfort zone any longer.

Christina Aguilera in a black dress poses for a photoshoot.

Christina Aguilera appeared in her first filmography project in 2010's 'Burlesque.'
Photo Source: Christina Aguilera Instagram

As the diva just came off a pregnancy, Aguilera hired a celebrity trainer, Tee Sorge, who stood by her side to shed some poundsThanks to the expertise of the fitness expert, the pop-star achieved her initial goal and got back to become sexier, and confident for the movie. 

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Following the movie and its release, Aguilera's stress levels further increased, especially with her marital problems and the failure of 'Burlesque' in the box office. In addition to that, after dating Rutler, she got pregnant, yet again, welcoming a baby girl; she added more pounds into her body.

Step 1: Releasing Stress

Christina Aguilera might be worth millions and might live a lavish lifestyle, but stress doesn't discriminate on rich and poor, isn't it? Since she was aware of how stress was one of the reasons behind her weight, she did take some steps to release some tension. 

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Christina went on to take some time off from the television commitments and cut down on the work stress. Thus, she started with 'The Voice' itself as she took some time off as popstar Shakira replaced her in the judging panel. 

Step 2: A Low Carb Diet 

The Grammy-winning singer adopted a healthy diet and altered her eating habits a little, which showed promising results. The singer revealed that she used a meal service called 'The Fresh Diet', which served food that catered her needs, with low-carb meal options, which provided her nutrition clocked in at 1,600 calories a day.

Avocado-toast in breakfast.

Christina Aguilera used to eat Avocado-toast for breakfast.
Photo Source: Getty 

Breaking down on her diet plan, it began with a healthy breakfast, where she used to eat on half an avocado, turkey bacon, and a few blueberries, which were a proper combination of protein and good fats. Likewise, the meal service included salad or vegetables with chicken in the lunch and chicken or fish in the dinner. Since Christina loved spicy food items, the foodservice did try to fulfill her demand but didn't compromise on the fattening condiments.

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Aguilera did require a few snacks in the day to keep up with her exercises. Thus, she used to have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks that comprised of nuts, or celeries, and fruits initially. Similarly, the mid-afternoon snack had a prawn cocktail most of the time. As a part of a freshener, Christina did drink a glass of red wine as dessert, which was completely fine.

The 50-pound-weight loss required the award-winning singer to put in some sacrifices as well as she needed to avoid foods and restaurants altogether, which wasn't a cakewalk for the megastar. 

Before and after weight-loss pictures of Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera changed her whole diet and workout routines to shed down some weight.
Photo Source: Glamour Fame

As per some reports, the actress-cum-singer even used some supplements like Garcinia Cambogia to burn some weight and get rid of toxins to achieve her mission.

Step 3: Light Exercises and Workout

All the fitness fanatics might be aware of the fact that diet alone isn't enough to lose weight. In fact, it should be complemented with an adequate amount of right exercises. Thus, to shed 50-pounds, Christina Aguilera warms up on the treadmill initially before going for a full-body workout. In addition to that, she never skipped on lifting weights, which was pivotal for the muscle gain and the weight-cut. The mother of two also used to do some Yoga to relieve some stress sometime of the day, which helped immensely.

Christina Aguilera in a black dress singing at a concert.

Christina Aguilera used to do Yoga alongside regular workout to lose weight.
Photo Source: Christina Aguilera, Instagram

Besides all the exercises and diet, the key to achieve success in Aguilera's tremendous transformation was her incredible determination and dedication. Once she thought of losing weight, there was no turning back and no cheating, which should be the motivator for everyone with a similar goal out there.

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