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Corey Haim's Cause of Death — The Health Problems He Had to Endure All His Life

Alizeh Published On Fri Mar 13 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 13 2020
Corey Haim's Cause of Death — The Health Problems He Had to Endure All His Life

Born Corey Ian Haim on December 23, 1971, the beloved Canadian actor became a household name in the cinema industry after he appeared beside Corey Feldman in 'The Lost Boys'. The twosome became 1980s icon after they collaborated in seven different movies and starred in the A&E American reality show 'The Two Coreys'.

corey haim young, wearing a black jacket

How did Corey Haim die?
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However, much like many celebrities, an early taste of fame in 1990s brought on addiction problems for the actor. The deceased star left a legacy behind for people to remember him even after when he is gone. 

If you didn't already know how he died, keep reading as we provide the details of his death and health problems he was battling. 

How Did Corey Haim Die?

The teen star openly spoke about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. Despite Corey's negative habits, he didn't die of drug overdose like most people suspected. According to the Los Angeles coroner's office Haim died of pneumonia and heart problems, and tests during an autopsy on his body found "no significant contributing factors" from drugs.

Authorities initially suspected that Haim passed due to drugs because he bought more than 550 doses of prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs in the weeks before his death in what they linked to a big, illegal prescription drug ring.

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Corey Haim died of natural causes?
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But the autopsy report revealed otherwise, and the coroner's office said in early May 2010 that Haim died of natural causes from a combination of pneumonia, respiratory and heart problems.

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Ed Winter of the coroner's office said that Haim's mother found her son in distress in the middle of the night, and he collapsed with flu-like symptoms. He was pronounced dead in the hospital less than an hour later.

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The Health Problems Corey Had to Endure All His Life

Judy Haim, Corey's mother, herself received the cause of her son's death a few days later, and revealed to Access Hollywood that Corey's heart was enlarged and that his lungs were filled with water.

The examiner's office also retrieved four bottles of different medications from the actor's room but never confirmed if the drugs were ingested by Cory. 

Four bottles of different medications were retrieved from Corey Haim.

Four bottles of different medications were retrieved from Corey Haim.
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Haim's mother confessed her son suffered from "flu-like symptoms," confirming that four prescription pill bottles were found in the apartment but no illicit drugs. 

According to police Sgt. Frank Albarran, Haim was taken from his mother's North Hollywood home by ambulance to Burbank's Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

Describing her son's situation that morning, Judy uttered on 'Good Morning America', "He got out of bed about 1:30 in the morning, was a little unsteady on his feet." Haim's mother then called the paramedics.

corey hugging mom judy

Corey with mother Judy.
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We all know how Haim's early success led to money and fame, which led him to have difficulties breaking away from his experience as a teen actor, and was troubled by drug addiction throughout his later career. 

Prior to his death, however, Cory seemed to be overcoming his struggles with drugs weeks before his death, as disclosed by his manager and closest friend.

Haim was "weaned down to zero medications" in the last two weeks by an addiction specialist, manager Mark Heaslip later said on 'Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell' on HLN, CNN's sister network.

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"Inside sources say that there were symptoms that he was showing that expressed it could be some things," Feldman said. "This could have been kidney failure. This could have been heart failure."

With his latest movie all set to release, the actor's death came as his career was on the rise. He was booking projects after projects.

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Corey Haim's movie poster
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Haim "really became a man" in the last months as he helped his mother in her battle with cancer. He was there for her mother taking care of her when she was unwell.

Unfortunately, the talented actor died at a very early age. The industry lost a very gifted actor, a mother lost her son, and all the fans lost their idol, Haim's case teaches us a lot about drug abuse and protecting a child's childhood too. 

However, the actor did some excellent work for people to remember him even today, ten years after his death.

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