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Just What We Know About Deetra Seriki - Rapper Chamillionaire's Wife

terry Published On Wed Aug 02 2023   Modified On Mon Oct 02 2023
Just What We Know About Deetra Seriki - Rapper Chamillionaire's Wife

Deetra Seriki is the wife of rapper Chamillionaire, who was insanely popular during 2000-2010 for his timeless songs like Hip Hop Police and Ridin' Dirty. 

Her husband Chamillionaire's real name is Hakeem Temidayo Seriki which he now uses as his business name. He has been more engaged in entrepreneurship than music lately. 

These are the only facts that we know about Deetra Guillory (her maiden name):-

Long-Time Partner of Chamillionaire

It's been confirmed that Deetra married Chamillionaire but they haven't released the date of their marriage. They started dating in 2001 and soon married and staying together since then. There are rumors that they had a kid.

Deetra Seriki's Husband Chamillionaire.

She is the longest partner whom Chamillionaire has dated till now. 

She is a Midwife

Deetra Seriki is a professional midwife who helps lots of pregnant women. 

Her work is a very respectable job. 

Net Worth

Seriki has just a net worth of $300,000 from her profession as a midwife whereas her husband Chamillionaire has a massive net worth of $50 million. 

Her husband was one of the most popular rappers of the last decade and made a lot of money from it. But now he has jumped to entrepreneurship. 


Deera Seriki with her husband owns multiple cars the couple's favorite is Range Rover and they have two of them one in black and one in white. 

Deetra Seriki's White Range Rover.

The couple has other luxury cars too.

Has a Boat

Talking about net worth and luxury, Deetri's family has a boat and her husband love to enjoy time in this boat.

Deetra Seriki's Husband in his boat.

Husband's Business

Deetra's rapper husband has now focused more on his business venture creating and promoting the "Convoz" app which is a video conversation app. 

The app was supported and promoted by other popular faces like Snoop Dogg and Shaq O'Neal in a promotional event. 

Upping The Entrepreneurship Game

Seriki's husband is now busy upping his entrepreneurship game. He has taken a step forward to help many young entrepreneurs and organizing competitions and awarding thousands of dollars.

Deetra Seriki's husband's car.

In his social media, Chamillionaire has mentioned he has stopped buying items that are not necessary for daily life and also he is not riding dirty.

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