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Home news 'Say Yes to the Dress America' is the Show on Steroids Says Randy Fenoli

'Say Yes to the Dress America' is the Show on Steroids Says Randy Fenoli

Alizeh Published On Thu Jan 09 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 19 2020
'Say Yes to the Dress America' is the Show on Steroids Says Randy Fenoli

Say Yes to the Dress is an American reality television series on TLC, which has been on air since 2007. The series follows events at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, the most exquisite bridal store, which is a dream stop for every wedding dress shopping. 

The employees at the store do whatever they can to satisfy a bride's every whim. Kleinfeld claims to have the largest selection of wedding dresses on earth, and over 200 employees help brides find the perfect look.

The show mixes fashion with drama and, of course, tales of love. It's all about satisfying the bride and making her find the Perfect Dress. 

randy coming out of the wedding dresses

Say yes to the dress poster 
Source: metro

Recently, the designer/ consultant of Kleinfeld, Randy Fenoli said the show is on steroids. The show is dramatic, but let's find out why Fenoli said that. 

The New Series is on Steroids

The show will feature a bride from every state, including Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. That means a total of 52 brides will be included in the mass ceremony. But Fenoli said they wanted to keep it personal for each of the couples.

Randy talking about the show  
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He also wanted to make sure that every couple felt included. He didn't want anyone to feel left out. However, only 10 out of the 52 participating brides will be featured on the series.

"You are going to be blown away by this show," Fenoli tells in this exclusive interview. "It is on steroids. I think it's going to change the trajectory of everything. I think it's going to be one of the most incredible shows ever on TLC, I do."

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What's so Unique about This Season?

The upcoming season is not just another one of the many SYTTD spinoffs that are on TLC. Fenoli said that this new series is unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

The 52 couples are diverse, with multiple nationalities and same-sex couples included. From the 52, ten brides were selected to be featured, and Fenoli traveled to their hometowns to spend time with them, as well as their family and friends.

randy showing dresses to bride

Randy with the Bride 
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"Everybody's just so different and unique," Fenoli says. "When you get to see their real lives, it's so much more informative and personal than just them coming in and talking about it. I've bonded so closely with these brides that we still keep in touch, and we're still on a group chat together."

Watch : The trailer for Say yes to the dress 2020 

In one of the most significant wedding ceremonies of the year, 50 couples from every state in the United States, plus couples from Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico said their "I Dos" near the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park in New York City for TLC's upcoming Say Yes to the Dress: America 10-part series, which will begin airing in January 2020.

How's the Show Going to Be?

Say yes to the Dress has always been a show that's full of drama and controversy. Now make it times 52 with all the newlyweds TLC has to deal with. Most of the couples that you will see on the new series were previously contacted about the spinoff after they applied to appear on the original Say Yes to the Dress series.

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Some of them were treated to an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC that included wedding dress shopping at Kleinfeld.

watch: randy surprise the brides 

The multimillionaire Randy Fenoli admits that some of the couples were hard to work with. But he knew it was going to be difficult with "104 newlyweds running." He had to prepare for such an epic series. He's just happy that he's helped so many brides with their dream weddings.

The Extravaganza 

Arranging a TLC level wedding for all the 52 couples is undoubtedly going to be a treat to watch for the audience. 

The nuptials were officiated by bridal designer Randy Fenoli. Other familiar faces included bridal designer Hayley Paige, who took on the role of America's bridesmaid and focused on styling the brides the day of the wedding; she also custom-designed bridal veils for the big day.

randy and hayley standing on the runway

Randy and Hayley Paige
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Also, on hand was The Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro, who created and hand-delivered one of his unique confectionary creations: a wedding cake fit for the 104 newlyweds!

He was joined by Lilliana Vazquez, TV personality and style expert, and Joe Zee, renowned fashion stylist & journalist, who served as announcers and commentators as the brides debuted their gowns during their walk down the aisle.

randy in a greyish suit with all the couples for the ceremony

Wedding ceremony 
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"We are beyond excited to expand this beloved franchise and give superfans across the country the chance to be a part of the biggest and most buzz-worthy wedding event of the year," says Howard Lee, President and General Manager for TLC.

The brides were were gifted a wedding gown from a curated selection, carefully selected with the help of a Kleinfeld consultant, a TLC-hosted pre-wedding reception, and an extraordinary group wedding. 

Challenge for Kleinfeld 

The Kleinfeld staff carefully selected with the help of a Kleinfeld consultant, and with 52 brides, the challenge was all the different body types, shapes, and sizes. "I always want every single bride not just to say yes to a dress, but to absolutely find the dress of her dreams," Fenoli said. 

Fenoli says of writing the wedding ceremony vows. "I spent time with every single couple. And, as every single bride walked down the steps at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, I announced her name and state as she met her groom, so they did have that individual moment."

randy with all the 52 couple in the wedding ceremony

Say yes to the dress couples 
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"We pulled it off!" revels Say Yes' ebullient host, bridal designer Randy Fenoli. 'I never in a million years would've thought that we could've made that many brides happy and to have them find the Dress of their dreams. I wouldn't have been able to sleep if they hadn't, because, for me, it is essential that they feel beautiful and confident on their wedding day, so it was quite a feat." 

randy standing with the bride showing her the dress

Randy with a bride 
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The show 'say yes to the dress' is a universal favorite and often a binge-watch kind of show. The drama, the magnificent outfits, and funny consultants make it a fun, lighthearted T.V. drama for the audience to enjoy. 

People have been enjoying the show as it was and now the show has up its game, by bringing in 52 different brides which means more drama and chaos.

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