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Did Etta James Undergo a Weight Loss Surgery? Here's What We Know

Kenshinpark Published On Sun Sep 13 2020   Modified On Sun Sep 13 2020
Did Etta James Undergo a Weight Loss Surgery? Here's What We Know

Here's what you should know about Etta James' weight loss.

Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins) was an American blues, R&B, soul, rock and roll, jazz, and gospel singer, who started her career from the year 1954. Etta came into prominence for her hits like 'The Wallflower,' 'At Last,' 'Tell Mama,' 'Something's Got a Hold on Me,' and "I'd Rather Go Blind."

Etta James was born in Los Angeles, California on January 25, 1938, to her parents. According to the reports, Etta's mother, Dorothy Hawkins, was only 14 years old when she gave birth to Etta James.

The singer got her professional vocal training from the age of five from James Earle Hines. Hines was the musical director of the Echoes of Eden choir at the St. Paul Baptist Church. 

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Etta James, though it was hard for her, enjoyed a successful career as a musician. The singer continued her singing till 2012 and had the experience of over more than five decades.

In the later years of her life, James Etta faced problems of obesity. Here's what we know about her weight loss surgery.

James Etta's Weight Loss Surgery

According to the reports, the soul singer Etta James reached a worrying weight of 400 pounds, following which the singer took Roseanne Barr's advice to go through gastric bypass surgery.

james etta weight loss.

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However, the procedure was not easy for the 'soul legend.' The reports suggest Etta James had to go through more than 2000 procedures but had a good result on her. The singer lost more than 200 pounds following the surgery.

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During the time, it was evident Etta James was happy about her weight loss. The singer gushed about being able to shop for off the rack clothes instead of custom made clothes. Weight loss was a kind of magic for her.

Etta James Died at the Age of 73

The legendary soul singer Etta James died at the age of 73 in 2012 following her battle with cancer. The singer died at Riverside Community Hospital from complications of leukemia.

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Etta died with her husband and sons at her side. Following the death of the singer, James' manager released a statement on her passing.

The statement read, 

"It's a tremendous loss for her fans around the world. She'll be missed. A great American singer. Her music defied category."

Etta also wrote an autobiography in 1995. On her book, the singer wrote,

"I wanted to be rare, I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to be exotic as a Cotton Club chorus girl, and I wanted to be obvious as the most flamboyant hooker on the street. I just wanted to be."

Probably, it was one of the most loved lines from the singer's book, which basically tells you how dynamic she was a person. 

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