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Home lifestyle Henry Cejudo's Girlfriend Amanda Dallago Chaves — Photos Finally Emerge

Henry Cejudo's Girlfriend Amanda Dallago Chaves — Photos Finally Emerge

Bran Published On Tue May 12 2020   Modified On Tue May 12 2020
Henry Cejudo's Girlfriend Amanda Dallago Chaves — Photos Finally Emerge

Wrestler Henry Cejudo just announced his retirement in UFC 249 after beating Dominick Cruz. Now, he looks to chill in his personal life with girlfriend Amanda Dallago Chaves.

The famous saying, 'behind every successful man, is a woman who continually supports her', holds true in the case of the wrestler, Henry Cejudo. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion dropped a bombshell in UFC 249 when he announced that he was retiring from the sporting action. It was about time the athlete made the decision as he looks to cherish his life with his girlfriend, Amanda Dallago Chaves.

The Triple C couldn't be much happier to spend his post-retirement life with the Brazilian diva as the duo looks like a match made in heaven. With a top record of 16-2-0, there is nothing Henry needs to prove in his UFC record, but let's move on to his romantic life instead.

Amanda Dallago Chaves and Henry Cejudo's Cross Country Relationship

It is evident that a wrestler like Henry Cejudo sheds much tears and sweat in the ring, which puts his life into danger. In order to keep himself fit and happy, he shares his love life with a Brazilian diva, Amanda Dallago Chaves. Although not much is known about when the two started dating, the first-ever hint came on January 12, 2020, as the Olympic gold medalist posted a picture with his beau on his Instagram.

Henry Cejudo in a grey hoodie poses a picture with girlfriend Amanda Dallago Chaves.

Henry Cejudo announced his retirement during the UFC 249.
Photo Source: Amanda Dallago Chaves Instagram

Chaves broke many hearts when he revealed his gorgeous girlfriend on the online platform. Ever since, the couple has been pouring with adorable pictures of them celebrating life and going on many dates. Despite the fact that the celebrity girlfriend is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, she travels back and forth to the United States. A long-distance relationship is complicated, but when there is abundant love and trust, there is nothing that can part the lovebirds apart.

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Currently, Henry and his girlfriend look to live the best version of themselves as they are seen enjoying time together at several places like beach and ocean. In fact, the beautiful couple also went to an NBA game at Phoenix, Arizona, back in January 2020. Judging by their online behavior, the two seem to be engaged as they are mostly together, and they gave a big hint through an Instagram caption.

To all you single ladies out there trying to slide into my DM’s, let me tell you Triple C has been Triple Cringed!

When Henry first revealed his beau to the public, he gave a direct message to all the single ladies claiming how he was 'ringed'. While they look a perfect fit for each other, only time will tell if their relationship ends up in a marriage or not. 

Amanda Dallago Chaves Used to Date McLon

Everyone has a past, and Cejudo's current girlfriend also had one. Yes, the UFC star wasn't her first boyfriend as she used to date musician, Mc Lon back in 2015-16. Just like her current dates, she used to be quite public back then as well, posting pictures on her Instagram page.

Amanda Dallago Chaves poses a picture with ex-boyfriend Mc Lon.

Amanda Dallago Chaves used to date Mc Lon back in 2016.
Photo Source: Amanda Dallago Instagram

Fans shipped the love exchange between the Mc Lon and Dallago; however, it just wasn't meant to be. Surprisingly, they stopped posting pictures all of a sudden, indicating how they parted ways. It was a shame that they didn't work out, but as they often say, things have to fall apart to make way for better things. And, the better thing being the million worthy wrestler, Henry Cejudo.

Amanda Dallago's Academics and Family

While Amanda Dallago Chaves rose to global prominence after her relationship with former UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, her personal life was going quite smoothly as well. She graduated with a bachelor in law degree a few years ago. However, her interests took her to a different area, as she preferred to follow her passion for contortion. Consequently, she followed her dreams to train contortion in Mongolia.

The family photo of Amanda Dallogo Chaves.

Amanda Dallago and UFC star Henry Cejudo have been together since January 2020.
Photo Source: Amanda Dallogo Chaves Instagram

Dallago has everything running quite well in her life at the moment from love life, career, and family. She is the eldest daughter in her family to a 52-year-old father and a Jiu-jitsu black belt Nise Dallago mother. As per her siblings, she has a younger sister, who means the world to her.

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