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Home lifestyle 'James Bond' Cast Lashana Lynch's Husband in 2022

'James Bond' Cast Lashana Lynch's Husband in 2022

Parker Published On Thu Jun 03 2021   Modified On Tue Jul 26 2022
'James Bond' Cast Lashana Lynch's Husband in 2022

Who is Lashana Lynch’s Husband? Complete Details Of Her Relationship Status Here!

Lashana Rasheda Lynch is a British-Jamaican actress best known for her role 007 in the new James Bond movie, “No Time to Die.” Besides, she is also well-known for her appearance in many films like Fast Girls, Brotherhood, Powder Room, etc.

Although Lashana appeared in several projects in her early career days, her professional life took a big leap after becoming cast in the 2019 superhero movie Captain Marvel. She portrayed the role of Maria Rambeau. While performing the character, a single mother and the best friend of the protagonist, ‘Carol Danvers,’ the 34-year-old actress showed her talent by presenting the character with all warmth, wit, and boldness.

James Bond cast Lynch in her 30s who is pursuing her dream while winning millions of hearts. After being a famous actress, many people are eager to know about her relationship status. Thus, continue reading as we bring you details on her romantic as well as personal life.

Lashana Lynch’s Relationship Status: Boyfriend, Husband, or Single

There is no doubt that Lashana Lynch’s fans are curious to know about her relationship status as of 2022; so, is she married or single or dating someone?

James Bond cast Lashana Lynch is in relationship with actor Damola Adelaja.

Lashana with her boyfriend Damola Adelaja.
Photo Source: Instagram

Well, there is not enough information linked to Lashana's love life. But her social media page shows that she is in a relationship with Nigerian-born British actor Damola Adelaja aka D-Boy.

Although Lashana does not talk much about her relationship, she occasionally posts photos with D-Boy on her Instagram. Talking about when and how things started for the duo, we don't know anything on this topic. However, it seems both of them are in deep love with each other and enjoy their time together.

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Going by their photos on Instagram, the couple’s been together for a long time, but we do not see any ring on their fingers, so we can say they are not married. However, it won’t be long before the two decide to tie the knot and become husband and wife just by looking at them.

Who is Lashana Lynch Boyfriend Damola Adelaja?

Damola Adelaja is a Nigerian-born British actor who studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Besides being an actor, he also directs and produces films. D-Boy made his film debut with the 2013 “Fela / Sidy,” which became the Best Short Film category at the 23rd African, Asian, and Latin American Film Festival in Milan 2013.

Lashana Lynch boyfriend Damola Adelaja is a Nigerian-born British actor.

Lashana shares a beautiful bond with her sweetheart Damola Adelaja.
Photo Source: Instagram

He is also known as an actor who appeared in a controversial 2006 movie Rag Tag about two childhood friends falling in love. It was controversial because the leading characters were gay, but both the actors in the film are straight men in real life.

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Damola's appearance in that film resulted in the actor supporting the LGBTQ movement to this day, and maybe the activism and social justice side of Damola was the thing that attracted Lashana, who's been in a relationship with the actor for a long time.

Is 34-year-old actress Lashana Lynch Lesbian?

Regarding Lashana Lynch's sexual choice, many wonder if she is a lesbian. This rumor started after people saw her act in the James Bond movie. She played the part of a womanizing secret agent who seduces women for information so well that many now believes she might be a lesbian.

Lashana Lynch has received breakout actress 2018 award in Italy.

Lashana got Breakout Actress 2018 Award.
Photo Source: Instagram

The sexuality of Lashana's character in the film is yet to be discovered, and playing a lesbian on-screen doesn't mean Lashana is one in real life. By early 2021, she has only demonstrated her romantic sides in movies and on stage.

'James Bond' Cast Lashana Lynch's Personal Details

Lashana Lynch was born on November 27, 1987, to her Jamaican immigrant parents in Hammersmith, London, England. According to sources, she was raised by a single mother while her father remained estranged. Other than that, there is no further information surfaced on her dad and mom.

Just like Lashana Lynch her brother Anwar Lynch is also an actor.

Lashana with her brother Anwar Lynch.
Photo Source: Instagram

Talking about her siblings, she has a twin brother Anwar Lynch. According to Distractify, like his sister, Anwar also pursued a career in the acting field. Moreover, on her brother's birthday in 2018, she reflected on how he used to force her to perform WWE moves, taught her about hearing 'No,' and dropped random quotes from movies during conversations.

There is no information about her high school, but she has a bachelor's degree in acting from Arts Educational Schools (ArtsEd), London. During her second year at ArtsEd, Lashana received the Laurence Olivier Bursary from the Society of London Theatre in 2009.

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Lashana originally intended to be a singer and pursue her dream; she entered The Sylvia Young Theatre School. But one of her teachers convinced her to try her luck in the movie biz, and after following her teacher's advice, she attended drama school.

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