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Home lifestyle Who is Juanita jcv's Boyfriend? Find All the Details of Her Relationship Here

Who is Juanita jcv's Boyfriend? Find All the Details of Her Relationship Here

Heisenberg Published On Mon Mar 29 2021   Modified On Sun Jul 31 2022
Who is Juanita jcv's Boyfriend? Find All the Details of Her Relationship Here

Learn about the boyfriend and relationship status of model Juanita jcv.

Juanita jcv, who enjoys a net worth of $500 thousand, is best recognized as a model and an Instagram influencer. She started her rise to fame by modeling in bikinis and sharing pictures on her Instagram account. She is also active on TikTok, where she's earned a significant number of followers.

Juanita jcv's popularity is also huge on OnlyFans, where she posts a lot of her content. Apart from her career as an influencer, many people are also interested in her personal life. Below, we take a look at her relationship status as of now in order to get some insight into her love life.

Who is Juanita jcv's Boyfriend?

Juanita jcv is very secretive about her personal life and prefers to keep her relationship details out of the limelight. This is why not much information is available regarding her dating life. But right now, we think Juanita is single.

Juanita might be single at present.

Juanita might be single at present.
Source: Juanita jcv TikTok

It might be hard to believe that the beautiful Juanita jcv is not in a relationship with anyone, but for now, it seems to be the case. She's not shared any pictures of a guy, nor has she made her relationship status public.

Before her career as a model and social media influencer, Juanita used to work as a barber. But soon, she discovered the potential of her modeling and making money. She began doing photoshoots in bikini and began to gain lots of followers on her social media pages.

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Juanita has a huge number of male followers who give her lots of gifts and even pay her bills. She also earns a significant amount of money from the cash paid by her subscribers on OnlyFans. According to Daily Star, she makes nearly £47,000 ($65,000) a week from the platform.

She boasts over 2.2 million followers on her Instagram page. Most pictures on her Instagram account include her photoshoots and bikini pictures.

Juanita Did Not Actually Think of Becoming a Barber Before

While many may think that Juanita may have wanted to become a barber before, that is not the case. She got into the craft quite unusually, and one might say it might have even been accidentally.

Juanita used to be a barber before.

Juanita used to be a barber before.
Source: Instagram

'One day, I remember my mom yelling at my younger brother,' she told Daily Star. 'She was very angry because he wouldn’t get his hair cut – so she just grabbed some scissors basically and chopped his hair off.'

'The result was very uneven – he had two actual bald spots, and they made fun of him at school a lot that day,' she added. 'He asked me if I could fix it, so I grabbed some beard trimmers and did my best. It actually came out decent, considering I didn’t even know how to use a clipper. That’s when I realized I like cutting hair, so before long, I enrolled at school to learn and eventually got my license.'

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But the model admits even though she was good at cutting hair, she liked modeling more. 'Being a model online does make me look at life a different way,' she says. 'I now know that having an hourly paid job where you have to work by the rules just doesn’t suit me at all. I’ve always been an independent, boss type of person.'

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