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Kevin Smith Weight Loss — How Did He Manage to Do It?

Bran Published On Sun May 03 2020   Modified On Sun May 03 2020
Kevin Smith Weight Loss — How Did He Manage to Do It?

Filmmaker Kevin Smith might be famous for his career in filmmaking and acting, but his weight loss regime is equally impressive as well. Let's dive right into the details.

If you are into Hollywood films, then you might have come across some of the works of filmmaker-cum-actor Kevin Smith. The 49-year-old is best known for his contribution to making films like 'Red State,' 'Tusk,' and 'Yoga Hosers.' Besides, the charismatic personality also serves as a podcaster hosting several shows on SModcast Podcast Network like 'Fatman Beyond,' and 'Hollywood Babble-On.' While the professional life of Smith has been quite resounding, his personal journey is equally impressive since he is married to fellow actress Jennifer Schwalbach Smith for over twenty years now.

While Kevin Smith made significant accomplishments with works as a filmmaker, writer, and television star, one of his most notable success came following his physical transformation. Well, you would be quite surprised to know that Smith used to be very overweight in the past. However, he did go on a hard-fought battle to shed down with a 50-pound weight loss in six months. So, without wasting much time, let us get to know how the filmmaker achieved the goal.

Kevin Smith Kicked Off a Flight for Being Fat

As surprising as it may sound, it is a fact that back in 2010, Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest flight for being overweight. As per the airline company, they claimed that Smith and the passenger next to him couldn't be properly accommodated in the plane. Since a customer, if seated adjacent, would be uncomfortable and could even compromise the airline security for a timely exit in case of emergency, they didn't let the filmmaker go through. 

Filmmaker Kevin Smith in a blue hoodie poses for a picture.

Clerks star Kevin Smith used to weigh 330 pounds in 2008.
Photo Source: Kevin Smith Instagram

Back at the time, the news made headlines as Smith was utterly furious at the airline and rightly so. Without a doubt, that was one of the lowest points of his life, but it was also one of the influential motivating factors for the massive transformation. 

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You would be quite surprised to see what the megastar had to share in his Instagram during the trending #10yearchallenge in 2019. He posted a picture of self from 2009, the time when he was obese, and a recent photo, after all the struggles and hard work.

Smith's Persistent Weight Loss Journey 

To begin with, Kevin Smith used to be a plus-size while growing up, maybe because of his metabolism, which tempted him to get hungry very often and eat everything or his genes itself. In 2008, he weighed the most i.e., 330 pounds, when he went to the premiere of 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno.' Gradually, the actor started getting serious about shedding down some pounds, especially after the airline incident, which was heart-wrenching, to be honest. 

A before and after picture of Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith lost over 100 pounds within 10 years.
Photo Source: Kevin Smith, Instagram

The podcast host did go dead serious on his mission to get slim and even lost over 80 pounds in the span of 10 years by 2018. However, all that wasn't enough as well since the actor faced a heart attack in February 2018. Luckily, he escaped death despite 100% blockage of the LAD artery, but the medical professionals advised him to lose further 50 pounds if he didn't want to face such attacks in the future. 

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Smith took the doctor's suggestion to heart, and only six months after the heart surgery, he lost 51 pounds, thanks to small lifestyle changes. Thus, for an actor who began with 330 pounds in 2008, over the years, he went down to 256 pounds during the time of heart-attack and further narrowed it down to 198 lbs. Let's see how the filmmaker made it possible.

Kevin Smith's Vegan Diet

As actor Kevin Smith escaped death by a narrow margin in early 2018, following that, he started on a new weight loss regimen with a controversial mono-diet, which can starve a person of their needed nutrients. The all-potato diet showed intriguing results since the filmstar lost a whopping 17 pounds in 9 days. Although he began with that, thanks to the advice from his trainers, he became vegan, which proved to be a game-changer. 

Actor Kevin Smith in a red coat poses for a picture in front of his poster.

Actor Kevin Smith suffered from a heart-attack in 2018.
Photo Source: Kevin Smith Instagram

In the previous attempt to lose weight, before the heart attack, which was also reasonably successful, Smith cut down on sugar and adopted a more juice diet. 

Smith considered his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, as an inspiration who led him to know about life without animal products. It was his offspring who used to be vegan, and as Kevin didn't want to go back to the hospital again, he followed his child's eating habits.

Initially, it was challenging as he was someone who hated vegetables and plant-based foods. However, with time, he got used to it and succeeded with weight loss in reaching 205 pounds and then 198 pounds by October 2018. Alongside his daughter, the food delivery company, Veggie Grill, was responsible for his daily diet. Furthermore, he also took suggestions from Penn Jillette, who shed 105 pounds in 2016.

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The 'Clerks' actor, healthier than ever, has a few projects lined up in the coming years like 'Kilroy was Here' and 'Clerks III,' which are currently in the post-production stage.

Kevin Smith: Workout and Exercises

All the fitness fanatics must know that going through a strict diet won't change a thing if they aren't matched with the right combination of exercises. He got a big push from the health brand, 'Weight Watchers', after joining them as they supervised his transformation closely and suggested the right combination of exercises and nutrition. Interestingly, he also used a mobile application from the brand, which kept track and controlled his consumption. Over time, the actor became a paid-spokesperson and later climbed the ladder to become the ambassador itself, and he himself serves as the perfect example losing over 100 pounds. 

Kevin Smith in a black t-shirt and shorts poses at a hill with his dog.

Kevin Smith is the brand ambassador of Weight Watchers.
Photo Source: Kevin Smith Instagram

The comic writer hit the gym almost every day and stick to his schedule with his steadfast determination and dedication. Not just that, he also used to do Yoga occasionally, which was equally healthy. Although it was difficult to keep a balance with his busy career and a hectic weight-loss, he did go down the extra mile and often made some time to go on a hike around different hills.

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