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Kirstie Alley's Struggle with Weight Loss Is Real

Bran Published On Sun May 10 2020   Modified On Sun May 10 2020
Kirstie Alley's Struggle with Weight Loss Is Real

The veteran actress Kirstie Alley worked entire career giving hit movies and television shows. However, the work she put in for all that is incredible, especially to lose weight and get fit. So, let's find out how did the Emmy winner lost 75 lbs.

The Golden Globe winner from 'Cheers' Kirstie Alley is one of the generational talents in the entertainment industry. The 69-year-old gave the audience multiple reasons to cherish with movies like 'Summer School,' 'Madhouse,' and the Marta Kauffman sitcom, 'Veronica's Closet.' With over four decades as an actress, Alley not just manage to steal millions of hearts but also amassed a colossal net worth of $40 million

Well, the movies aren't the only thing that Alley has to show for. The American inspires many around the world through her tremendous body transformation. Interestingly, she went through several ups and downs, with gaining and losing multiple pounds numerous times.

Foodie Kirstie Alley's Weight Gain

The gorgeous Kirstie Alley wasn't always in the perfect shape as she was chubby and slightly fat. Women go through several hormonal ups and downs, which affect their appearance and shape. In an interview, the Emmy-winner did reveal how she was always a food enthusiast and how she never cared about the nutritional diets in it. Furthermore, she loved all the fattening food items like cheeseburgers, pies, cakes, and brownies. However, that didn't really impact on her appearance at the initial phase.

Kirstie Alley's before and after picture.

Kirstie Alley never cared about eating a healthy diet.
Photo Source: E! News

The significant weight gain started when she hit the age of 52. It was following that when her eating habits began to influence the weight. Surprisingly, she never thought about how her high-calorie foods were the reason behind the weight gain.

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Similarly, the other reason behind Alley's chubby weight that forced her workout should be her pregnancy. The 'Cheers' actress gave birth to two children, William True and Lillie Price, with her ex-husband, Parker Stevenson. Thus, by the early 2000s, she was one of the rare plus size women in Hollywood as she gained around 40 pounds within a summer by over-eating during the holidays.

Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss Began on 'Jenny Craig'

The process of slimming down began for Bob Alley's ex-wife, Kirstie Alley, as she signed with 'Jenny Craig', the weight loss management firm as a spokesperson. Thanks to the close affiliation with the firm's programs, she succeeded in losing a staggering 75 pounds, marking her new size to 145 pounds.

Kirstie Alley in a black dress poses at a movie premiere.

Kirstie Alley lost over 100 pounds over the years.
Photo Source: Bangor Daily News

While the diva went slimmed down quite significantly by 2006, it all went down to vain after she ended her terms with 'Jenny Craig' in 2007. The food lover couldn't keep up with the strict diet schedule and, thus, gained 83 pounds, more than she lost earlier on with emotional-eating habit.

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While the fluctuations were evident, Alley didn't quit working out to shed those extra pounds. Over the years, she announced how she lost 100 pounds in September 2011 while her time with 'Dancing with the Stars.' Later, she reunited with Jenny Craig that further helped her lose 50 pounds.

Kirstie Alley Preferred Dancing Than Working Out to Shed Pounds

Losing such a significant amount of weight was certainly not a cakewalk for 'The Last Don' actress as she went on a weight-loss mission more than once. After going through the regime repetitive times in her career, Alley believes that it has become some sort of a lifestyle.

Kirstie Alley in a black dress poses for a picture.

Kirstie Alley prefers to dance rather than go to the gym.
Photo Source: Extra

All the weight-loss enthusiasts might be familiar with the myth on how one has to hit the gym regularly with intense exercises to cut down on weight. However, that wasn't the path that the Golden Globe winner chose since she hated exercise. Well, that gives hope to everyone who loves eating and dislikes working out it, isn't it?

I’m not a lunging, squatting human, I’ll do things that sound fun like a dance class or yoga, or I’ll walk or run.

When she worked with Jenny Craig during the first spell of her regime, she adopted the program from the management firm itself, which had little to do with exercises but did alter her diets. Instead, the actress did focus on activities that she did for passion, i.e., dancing. Besides, she did Yoga and regular walks and runs to keep herself healthier and fit. Furthermore, when she lost around 100 pounds in 2011, it was more to do with training in 'Dancing with The Stars.' 

Kirstie Alley Didn't Follow a Strict Diet.

While many speculated the drastic transformation behind Kirstie as the result of surgeries and lasers, she hit back at the critics and labeled how it was the use of organic products for food. Although she claims how she didn't take on a strict diet, Alley did have her own rules. Interestingly, she never used to eat after 7 PM.

Kirstie Alley in a black dress poses for a photoshoot.

Kirstie Alley joined hands with Jenny Craig in 2016.
Photo Source: Kirstie Alley Instagram

Kirstie didn't limit herself to any restrictions on eating what she liked, but she did put a scope on the quantity instead. The diva always kept the count and knew how many calories were on the food she ate. As she held the nutritional intake steady and counted it up, it was pivotal to shed down the pounds.

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Alley got herself in trouble when she claimed how she credited her own company, Organic Liaison's products for the reason she cut 100 pounds in 2011. Unfortunately, just a year later, she found herself caught on the court proceedings as she faced a class-action lawsuit alleging false advertising with claims her weight loss was the result of exercises instead of the product itself. Later, the 69-year-old settled the lawsuit after she agreed to remove the term 'Proven Products' from the package and issued a disclaimer that it was a 'calorie-based weight loss product.' Furthermore, the multi-millionaire paid a staggering $130,000.

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In April, the 'Blind Date' actress joined hands with Jenny Craig, as the weight loss brand acquired her brand. Thus, following that point, she lost further 50 pounds and has been quite successful in maintaining it.

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