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Tyler Perry Weight Loss — You Can Quit Meat & Still Be Ripped!

Sea Published On Fri May 08 2020   Modified On Fri May 29 2020
Tyler Perry Weight Loss — You Can Quit Meat & Still Be Ripped!

Grab all the details of actor Tyler Perry's inspirational weight loss, diet, and workout regimen he went through to lose 25 pounds.

Tyler Perry questioned himself before deciding to succeed Morgan Freeman in 'Alex Cross'. And he almost quit, before being determined to show he was the right man for the role. He'd been more insecure of his height than weight, but nothing was going to hold him back as he chose weight loss too, in the best way possible.

In contrast to his character 'Madea', his real-life journey to look so ripped in those few times we've seen his abs is something people should absolutely take notice. And at 6' 6" he still wanted to lose weight following 'Alex Cross', and so he did & even succeeded in it and more.

Tyler Perry as 'Alex Cross' in the movie of the same name.

He showed how a detective should look like.
Photo Source: Alex Cross

Tyler Perry overhauled his lifestyle for a 30-pound weight loss in order to do all his stunts on 'Alex Cross' in 2012 with Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art, set up by trainer David Goldston & diet by nutritionist David Allen. He was 18 lbs away from his target in 2015 as he lost 25 pounds more when 2018 came around.

With His 30-Pound Weight Loss, Tyler Perry Did All His Stunts on 'Alex Cross' But One

When Tyler got the role of 'Alex Cross' in the October 2012 movie of the same name, he was determined to change the image from 'Madea'. He lost 30 pounds in the process and did all but one of his stunts in the movie.

How? He really got into a UFC type of routine. David Goldston, his trainer, took him through two daily sessions of Krav Maga, a form of Israeli martial arts. He told The Today Show's Savannah Guthrie in October 2012, "When I started doing the movie, I did Krav Maga, that's kind of like UFC, I really got into it, dropping a lot of weight,' he said. It's Israeli fighting, mixed martial arts, really great, but it's a kicka** work out."

Tyler Perry on the cover of Men's Health.

People were like, "Who's that lean and hot guy?"
Photo Source: Ture Lillegraven, Men's Health

He was accompanied by the Janet Jackson nutritionist, David Allen, who put him on a strict high-protein, low-fat, low-carb diet. And then, he became a big height model, featuring on the cover of the November 2012 issue of 'Men's Health'.

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The psychological side of things changed too. With a solid 255 pounds for his height back then, he started to think to himself, "Now, I feel like it's OK to be thought of as sexy." He's completely changed his fate.

November 2015: Showing Off the Ripped Abs & Still Targeting to Lose More Weight

Since the movie aired and he moved on with other projects, the talk of Tyler Perry's weight loss did not come up until fans got that rare glimpse of his ripped body in November 2015. He took to Facebook to really show off his weight loss and also tell about fighting back diabetes, unlike his mother.

"I'm 18 lbs away from my goal. I hope I don't blow it this holiday season. Gonna try to stay on it. It's hard as heck to lose weight after 40, but it's so worth it. It keeps the doctor away," he accompanied the photo with the caption. "Don't let anything keep you from being healthy and strong. I wish my mother had fought back. She turned diabetic at 40 and died at 64. Don't let that be you!! Fight back!!"

Perry wanted to lose the fat and gain more muscles.
Photo Source: Tyler Perry, Facebook

During his 'Men's Health' cover story, he'd discussed how he was raised under the Big Easy diet like her mother used, the one that led to the diabetes diagnosis of his mother and, ultimately, death.

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He thus moved on from pancakes, biscuits, jambalaya, pork chops, and dirty rice to ground turkey chili (that was waiting for him after those exercises), grilled chicken breasts, scrambled egg whites, and green shakes. And he had much more confidence, better than when he was abused as a young child.

January 2018: Giving Up Meat and Feeling 25 Pounds Lighter

Throughout the years, his weight has been obviously fluctuating a lot. Around 2016/2017, he seemed to have gained some more. But in January 2018, he revealed to Extra TV that he'd been lost 25 pounds after giving up meat for a few months prior to the interview. "I feel great… I feel a lot lighter, and I've lost 25 pounds."

The 50-year-old also shared how her mother put him in the right path after years of torture as a young boy, which he reflected in his 2018 book, 'Higher Is Waiting'.

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So yeah. It seems he did succeed in his weight loss goals. And the multi-talented actor/writer continues to give you all that he's got. Revere him.

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