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Home lifestyle Who Is the Mother of Tyler Perry's Son, Aman Tyler? Is He Still Dating Her?

Who Is the Mother of Tyler Perry's Son, Aman Tyler? Is He Still Dating Her?

Bran Published On Tue May 12 2020   Modified On Tue May 12 2020
Who Is the Mother of Tyler Perry's Son, Aman Tyler? Is He Still Dating Her?

American comedian Tyler Perry might not be married, but he is in a longtime relationship with a model, Gelila Bekele. Let us know who the celebrity girlfriend is and the nature of the relation they share.

Tyler Perry is a household name in Hollywood with top-notch performances in 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' and 'The Family That Preys.' The New Orleans born artist is one of the highest-paid men in the entertainment industry. Despite a busier schedule, his personal life is equally blooming as well with a girlfriend in Gelila Bekele and a son, Aman Tyler.

Tyler Perry might be a popular name in Hollywood, but his beau Bekele is also no ordinary diva. Gelila has been a model, humanitarian, social activist, and filmmaker. The Ethiopian spends most of her time moving between the United States and Europe to keep a balance between personal life and professional endeavors. So, without wasting much time, let us get to know about celebrity girlfriend, Gelila Bekele.

Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry Dating Since 2009

Tyler Perry is lucky enough to keep a balance between personal life and professional life. The 'Why Did I Get Married?' actor started dating fellow model, the gorgeous Gelila Bekele in 2009. While the traditional society might keep marriage as the radar to judge a relationship, it would be quite wrong to do the same for the celebrity duo, who have been together for a decade now.

Gelila Bekele poses a picture with Tyler Perry at a public event.

Tyler Perry and girlfriend Gelila Bekele have been in a relationship since 2009,
Photo Source: NY Daily News

The fans are well-aware of every little detail in Perry's career, but the director prefers to keep things private in his romantic life. Interestingly, the first meeting between the love birds happened at a Prince concert in 2007, as they shared a special connection at an instant. It was the singer who made a move, and the rest is history.

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Despite a busy schedule in their respective career paths, especially with Tyler, the love between them was strong enough to keep them waiting for one other. However, they haven't married to date, and are happy with things as they stand.

Gelila Bekele: Mother of Tyler Perry's Son

One of Tyler Perry and partner Gelila Bekele's personal milestone occurred when they welcomed a son, Aman Tyler Perry in 2014. Interestingly, the pregnancy news came as a surprise to the BET Comedy Award winner in a form of a FaceTime call with the pregnancy test in her hand.

There's no other person on this planet that I would want to be involved with or have a child with because she’s amazing. 

Bekele and Perry might be parents now, but they have a different approach of parenting. Unlike most of the celebrity parents, the duo aims to keep Aman out of the public eye so that he would grow up without pressure and expectations from the paparazzi. The 33-year-old former model currently lives in a lavish 1100 acres house at Douglas County, Georgia, with the filmstar and their five-year-old son.

Gelila Bekele's Modeling Career 

Perry and Bekele have been in a committed relationship for a decade now. Despite being a girlfriend to a multi-millionaire like Perry, she is financially independent with a reasonably successful career. In fact, the diva was an accomplished model, who represented the Ford Models New York and Mord Models Paris in 2006.

Gelila Bekele in a white dress poses a picture for a photoshoot.

Gelila Bekele is the mother of Tyler Perry's son Aman Perry.
Photo Source: Gelila Bekele Instagram

The actress, surprisingly, first remained very skeptical about pursuing a career as a model, especially with the thought of using her physique to make a living. However, she didn't let it stop her as she started modeling for top brands like Levi's, Diesel, Tory Burch, and Anna Sui. Furthermore, she also helped promote companies like Nespresso, Pantene, and L'oreal.

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Bekele is the perfect role model as she burnt the midnight oil born in a low-income family in a rural village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As per her parents, her mom was just 16 when she entered the world and was raised mostly by her beloved grandmother.

Gelila Bekele: An Activist Working on Humanitarian Goals

If you weren't impressed with Gelila Bekele's portfolio by now, then you might be knowing her works for the society. Her official website claims how she is a devoted advocate for young girls' right to equal opportunities in both Ethiopia and the whole world. Besides, she became an active supporter of Charity: Water, a non-profit institution that utilized donations to provide safe and secure water sources in developing countries.

Gelila Bekele in a white dress poses a picture.

Actor Tyler Perry isn't married to Gelila Bekele but have been together for a decade now.
Photo Source: Gelila Bekele Instagram

Tyler Perry's girlfriend might no longer be active as a model, but she didn't give up on her contribution to society. Consequently, she started helping communities to access basic necessities to establish infrastructure and enhance education. Moreover, she advocated for literacy programs for girls in Africa and established classrooms in rural areas of Ethiopia. Not just that, her social works expanded to the United States as well, when she participated in a climate march.

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The mother of Tyler Perry's son, Gelila Bekele, displayed her wholesome talents as she added publication into her resume. The diva wrote a photography book titled, 'Guzu', where she comprises of all the experiences she gained during all the humanitarian trips.

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