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Home health Leslie Jones Weight Loss — How Much Did She Lose and How?

Leslie Jones Weight Loss — How Much Did She Lose and How?

Bran Published On Fri May 08 2020   Modified On Fri May 08 2020
Leslie Jones Weight Loss — How Much Did She Lose and How?

If you weren't a fan of former 'Saturday Night Live' star, Leslie Jones, then you might admire her now with her exciting weight loss journey. Let's find out how she shed 40 lbs.

Over the years, comedian Leslie Jones received has been a subject of serious online attacks, be it with racist contents or even website hacking. However, the million-earning diva always got the better of them, through her incredible career on the screen with movies like 'Masterminds' and 'Ghostbusters.' To top that, she inspired her fan-following with a dramatic weight loss back in 2017.

The road may be bumpy, but you have to stay committed to the process when it comes to losing weight. Luckily, the former 'Saturday Night Live' cast was completely aware of that and put in 100% dedication and effort to lose significant pounds. However, that wasn't enough alone as she needed to complement it with the right combination of diet and exercises.

What Prompted Leslie Jones to Lose Weight?

For someone who used to be an athlete while growing up, with serious talent in basketball, Leslie Jones's transition to comedy and television career led her to gain gradual but dramatic weight. The Emmy-nominated actress, as a regular name on TV, always needed to do the basics to get a proper appearance but never thought about going serious enough to lose pounds.

Leslie Jones in a black dress poses a picture.

Doctor advised Leslie Jones to lose 40 pounds.
Photo Source: Leslie Jones, Instagram

However, everything changed in 2016, amidst the production of 'Ghostbusters' when she decided to pay a visit to the doctor. What followed wasn't pleasant as the medical professional gave her a warning on how she needed to cut down her weight upto 40 pounds in order to remain fit. Furthermore, the doctor showed no place for a bargain as it could cause serious health complications if the comedian didn't work on slimming down. Not just that, things like not getting a designer ready to design clothes that fit her also triggered her to focus on her weight gradually.

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Thus, the medic advice was all that needed Jones, who was 49 back then to get dead serious about getting fitter. As she was also working for 'Ghostbusters,' the actress also credited the film and fellow SNL co-star, Kate McKinnon, for giving her the extra push to stay active and lose weight.

Leslie Jones' Redid Her Diet

When it comes to cutting down the pounds, fitness experts must know how changing eating habits is a must. The case was no different for the SNL star, Leslie Jones, as she started altering her diet with a first step being getting rid of soda and juice. Interestingly, the actress believes how the initial step helped her lose around 20 pounds.

Leslie Jones eating a chips and poses a picture.

Leslie Jones sacrificed juice and soda to shed down some weight.
Photo Source: Twitter

While going out on dinners, Leslie's fellow cast McKinnon would help her with a short walk, which would help their metabolism process as well and burn some calories. Moreover, she hired a personal trainer, the experienced, Thaddeus Harvey, who stood by her in every step to help her attain her goal to get fitter.

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Leslie's lifestyle was already getting changed a little bit as unlike the past times, she couldn't eat anything she wanted. In fact, her determination didn't let her do so, and thus, she tried to watch everything she ate and focused on all the nutritional side.

Leslie Jones: Strict Workout to Lose Weight

Going on a strict diet won't change a bit in one's appearance if not complemented with proper exercises. Thus, Jones, who isn't dating anyone, started hitting the gym on a regular basis. Interestingly, she did weight loss exercises and even continued working out during the filming of 'Ghostbusters' as she used to carry a heavy backpack on her shoulders all the time.

Leslie Jones all in sweat poses a picture after working out.

Leslie Jones went to the gym regularly. to lose 40 pounds.
Photo Source: People

Leslie often shared snaps of her exercises on her Instagram feeds, which included some intense arm and chest workouts. Besides, she used to be regular and did work on all main body parts. In addition to all that, the 52-year-old supplemented the diets and lifting with Yoga to keep peace with her inner self, which seemed to work quite right.

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When Jones revealed her new self in 2017 via an Instagram post, fans were both shocked and excited as the SNL actress managed to pull of a whopping 40-pound weight-loss, which sets nothing but an inspiration to everyone out there.

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