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Ethan Suplee's Weight Loss That Almost Cost Him Acting Roles

Bran Published On Tue Apr 28 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 28 2020
Ethan Suplee's Weight Loss That Almost Cost Him Acting Roles

American actor Ethan Suplee managed to achieve a personal milestone since he succeeded quite well in losing over 200 pounds. Let's get the complete details behind his weight and the secret behind the transformation.

Over the past, we brought you some of the fantastic weight transformations of top actors like Melissa McCarthy's and Missy Elliott, but none of these matches the dramatic change of actor Ethan Suplee. The American actor gave us some top movies such as 'American History X,' 'Remember The Titans' and 'Boy Meets World.'

While the movies are there, the Manhattan-based actor inspires everyone with his dramatic weight-loss, losing over 200 pounds. When the actor shared pictures in January 2020, fans were astonished over the change from his former self, from the time he featured in 'The Titans' and 'My Name is Earl.'

Over the years, the actor went through recurring changes after gaining and losing over 1000 lbs. Moreover, his drastic changes even became a subject of a meme on the internet, which he never expected. So, let us get into the complete details of the Hollywood star's weight loss journey.

How Ethan Suplee Gained Big Weight?

The 43-year-old actor suffered from weight issues from an early age. Back when Suplee was only 5-years-old, he adhered to a restrictive diet, which didn't particularly interest him much. Despite that, he would eat everything available when he wasn't under his parents' surveillance. And, when he was just 10, he had already gained around 200 pounds.

Ethan Suplee in a black jacket poses for a picture.

Ethan Suplee weighed over 500 pounds initially. 
Photo Source: Up News Info

By the time Suplee reached his teens, he was one of those fat kids and would only get acting jobs in those categories. Furthermore, the actor would turn down the roles that focused on his body instead and rather asked his agents for works that didn't need the plot to add a line on his weight. Over time, he became uncomfortable with his own body with the complete realization that he didn't have a future as an actor if he didn't shed down some pounds. 

While fans binge-watch several television shows of Ethan Suplee, the actor had a different use of the term as he was used to binge eating. Sometimes, he felt that other people didn't want him to have lots of food, which triggered him to have his favorite items in private, which is one of the biggest reasons for his gained weight.

When I was a teenager I would go out to a nightclub with my friends, and never really felt comfortable eating in front of people, but on my way home I'd always find a 24-hour drive-through and eat three whole meals right before bed.

And, thus, it began, as the actor was self-motivated to cut down on weight and went on a hectic workout schedule with an equally restrictive diet for no one else but his health and future. Plus, when he turned to his wife, she was ever ready to help him go down the weight loss road, but not too much into it. The American artist was around 530 lbs while he began the drastic transformation.

Ethan Suplee's Overhauled Diet

The key to losing over 200 pounds in the span of 3 years wasn't a cakewalk. Also, it required Ethan Suplee to adapt yet another restrictive diet in his eating habits. However, it was different this time contrary to his childhood, since he was dead serious about the goal this time. Thanks to the close affiliation with trainers and doctors, the main highlight of his new diet was a reduced-calorie intake. Specifically, he reduced the calorie intake by 20% and pushed in more filling, protein-rich foods like turkey and non-fat greek yogurt.

A before and after picture of Ethan Suplee.

Ethan Suplee lost over 200 pounds in 3 years but was left unsatisfied.
Photo Source: Fitness Volt

For the first two months, he went on a liquid diet, comprising of water, juices, honey, oils, etc., which did show promising results, losing 80 lbs. Although that may sound exceptional, it was challenging, and Suplee would never do it again if given a choice.

The actor from 'The Wolf of Wall Street' then revamped his diet a little, which incorporated small portions of lean meat and vegetables, which got his weight down to 400 lbs. An impressive figure considering where he began, yet it was an extremely plus size, and the work was far from over. Following that point, the weight loss process slowed down.

Suplee Gained 100 Pounds Again in Between

What differentiates the lifestyle and weight loss of Ethan Suplee is how he experienced ups and downs throughout. After reaching the 400-lb mark, his personal life got busier since his beloved wife, Brandy Lewis, got pregnant. In addition to that, the shooting for 'My Name is Earl' jeopardized the whole schedule. Since he was at the sets working for more than 14 hours a day, there was no way possible for Ethan to focus on a restrictive diet and hit the gym.

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From 2005, he went on a long break and got back to his natural eating habits. All the past works seemed pointless as in five years; he gained further 100 pounds. Yet again, plus size and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Changes Got Ethan Suplee to 220 Lbs

The Hollywood star was utterly aware of his gained weight and yet again got strict on his eating habits. He picked up new hobbies like cycling, which initially wasn't good enough but proved healthy as he cut down on weight. Suplee only ate when he was cycling while he cut down on all of his favorite foods.

Suplee, who got Screen Actors Award nomination in 2006 for 'My Name is Earl', small lifestyle changes worked quite well as he dropped all the way to 220 pounds, interestingly, the least he ever carried. 

Ethan Suplee in the premiere of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Ethan Suplee acted alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in 'The Wolf of Wall street.'
Photo Source: Zimbio

For someone who weighed over 500 pounds in the past, Ethan found it difficult to accept his slimmer self. Yes, he always wanted to cut down on the weight, but 220 pounds made him unhappy and unsatisfying. The media didn't help either as they started giving Ethan's example on the downside of weight loss turning his year-long effort as a source of joke and shame. Moreover, he felt really low at that particular time, where he had just 14% body fat. 

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Unfortunately, the American actor suffered a injury after a bike crash, which resulted in him dropping cycling. Although he tried CrossFit, it didn't support him either since he sustained a knee bust. Whatever that followed next meant all his hard work from the past were in vain, as he gained 150 pounds with ease.

Ethan Suplee's Workout Schedule Helped Him Balance

Following the heart-breaking return to step one, Ethan Suplee needed strong determination and dedication to get back in the weight-loss game again. When he appeared in the new show, 'Hulu's Chance', he embarked on lifting weights for his character. He enjoyed it and integrated it into his normal workout schedule.

Ethan Suplee in a black jacket poses for a picture.

Ethan Suplee currently keeps balance  and weighs around 260 lbs.
Photo Source: Pop Culture

On of his big motivations was the Ted Talk by Dr. Mie Isratel, which introduced him to the back that carbohydrate isn't entirely wrong. Thus, he got a balanced diet this time, which was far healthier than the last time around. He hit the gym daily and used progressive overload exercises, cut down on fat, and held onto the muscles. In fact, the film star set the goal to get to 10% body fat and did exercise like dumbbell incline fly, press, low bench press, cable scoop, and many more.

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The game-changer was understanding how the weight-loss process actually works, as he acknowledged things in scientific terms. Therefore, he got down to 260 pounds and is still holding onto that. The celebrity finally seems to be satisfied with his body size and shape and couldn't be happier. Thus, if you weren't a fan of his acting career, Ethan Suplee's weight loss transformation might impress you.

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