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Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Struggle She Overcame with Grace

Bran Published On Mon Apr 27 2020   Modified On Mon Apr 27 2020
Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss Struggle She Overcame with Grace

Emmy-winning actress Melissa McCarthy achieved all sorts of success in the entertainment field. Yet, she went on an intense ride to lose a significant amount of weight. Let's see how that went for the American diva.

Popular from the hit CBS sitcom, 'Mike and Molly,' the lead cast, Melissa McCarthy is a well-accomplished actress and a comedian. With over two decades in the entertainment industry, the Illinois-born actress featured in some of the most fabulous comedy creations such as 'The Heat,' 'Tammy' and 'St.Vincent.' Not just that, she was awarded rightly with two Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards each. The diva also makes the cut in Time's 100 most influential people in the world in 2016, since her influence is widespread, be it with acting, fashion, or her inspiring weight loss journey.

Melissa McCarthy is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, but the struggle behind it entirely justifies her pay and the colossal net worth. In fact, besides her professional endeavors, her dramatic weight-loss journey is often a news material and a source of motivation for many around the globe. You would be quite surprised to know that the diva shed 75 pounds in four months to fulfill the goal of becoming healthy and fit. Let us give you all the small details behind it.

Unhealthy Food Choices Resulted in Melissa McCarthy's Big Weight

Born on August 26, 1970, the Illinois based Melissa McCarthy was a bit chubby as a child, but not overly chubby too. It all began while she was growing up as she never cared about eating healthy. Surprisingly, in her high-school days, McCarthy used to be over-conscious on her body size, even though she was a size six back then. The diva herself admitted on how she thinks she was worried about weight too soon, as a kid.

Before and after weight-loss picture of Melissa McCarthy.

Melissa McCarthy lost more than 70 pounds in four months.
Photo Source: Livin3

As a child, McCarthy used to be quite sporty, as she used to be a cheerleader in high school. Furthermore, she used to do sprints, lifting weights, and did gymnastics, play tennis, both out of passion and the ambition to get slimmer. Today, as the diva looks back, she is shocked on her previous self because she was a size six and didn't need to freak out.

The 49-year-old actress's life took a complete turn when she moved to Los Angeles for the first time in her youth. Everything happened quickly in the transition period as McCarthy skipped the exercises amidst the chaos of settling in her career. In addition, the 'Mike and Molly' actress also started eating unhealthy and without focusing on the calories. Consequently, she gained over 25 pounds, which indeed started it all.

Melissa McCarthy Lost 70 Pounds

While the numbers seem shocking, they are actually correct. Actress Melissa McCarthy succeeded in losing over 70 pounds in a short period of four months. It all began when she got the role of 'Sookie St. James' in 'Gilmore Girls' in 2000. Although that sounds exciting, the diva revealed that she would never go back to that if given a chance. 

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It was then when a doctor-supervised her a liquid diet, which was responsible for the dramatic transformation. McCarthy revealed how she felt starved and crazy half the time. Even though she complimented the menu with timely exercises, it was the former which played the pivotal role as it did didn't correctly match her metabolism levels.

Melissa McCarthy in a black dress poses at an award show.

Mike and Molly actress Melissa McCarthy is one of the highest-earning television stars.
Photo Source: Business Insider

Despite so much of development and evolution in the world, it was quite shocking as the diva felt patriarchy in terms of weight loss treatments. Interestingly, she once pointed the furious statement in an interview saying, "Not to be a jerk or single him out, but when John Goodman was heavier, did anybody ever talk about his girth?" Like everyone else, Melissa experienced all the struggles as a fat girl, as she didn't find designers to dress her too. As a result, she designed them herself.

Melissa McCarthy's Low-Carb Diet

The Emmy-winning actress, Melissa McCarthy, went on a hectic diet, which helped her shed over 70 pounds. She focused on low-carbohydrate nutrition, which proved as a detrimental factor. Get to know the details of her diet here:

BreakfastScrambled Eggs with 1 Oz high-quality lean protein (chicken breast) + 1 glass green smoothie with almond milk and chia seeds
SnackHalf cup baby Carrots and Hummus
Lunch1 cup green tea + 3 Oz chicken + Quinoa / Vegetable Salad
Snack1 Cup Fresh Juice
Dinner 2/3 Cup of Steamed Vegetable + 1/2 Avocado + 3 Oz Chicken Breast

McCarthy's diet chart meant that she needed to sacrifice her favorite food items and all the junks. While she added healthy fats, protein, and fresh carbs, she eradicated all the toxins and sugar. Furthermore, it was all those little lifestyle changes that did all the magic.

McCarthy's "Boring Life" Change Played the Part

American actress, Melissa McCarthy's dramatic weight loss wasn't subject of rocket science but was small alterations in her regular habits, which proved significant. Surprisingly, she labeled the trick to adapt a 'super boring' life as she used to go to bed a 7:30 PM.

Melissa McCarthy eating cake in a tv show.

Melissa McCarthy sacrificed all her favorite food items to lose weight.
Photo Source: Bustle

Alongside the small changes, she took the advice of her doctor and took the AtraFen supplement, which burnt all the fat and suppressed her appetite. The pills helped her to a great extent as she lost around 16 pounds in the first two weeks and shed 42 pounds in total by the end of the month.

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'Mike and Molly's lead, Melissa, sometimes believe that her big body as the reason why she missed out on many auditions and shows. Luckily, the actress was never fond of such roles and remains quite pleased with how she is and her own career path, which is fairly successful as she is one of the highest earners.

Melissa McCarthy's Mixed Workout Schedule

Melissa McCarthy, a mother of two and the wife of Ben Falcone, was never a fan of hitting the gym. In fact, she didn't work out all the days and skipped a few times a week. However, she did jog every day and worked closely with her trainer in the four-week mission. Interestingly, her trainer helped her with a mixture of cardio and strength exercises, which, alongside her diet, helped her attain the goal.

Actress Melissa McCarthy in a black dress poses at a photoshoot.

Melissa McCarthy is a married woman and a mother of two.
Photo Source: Deadline

The American actress used to do strength exercises three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She used to do specific exercises such as Farmer's Walk, Inverted Pull-Ups, Dumbbell Bench Press, and deadlift for three sets of ten. Besides, on the other two days, she did cardio on treadmills, bicycle, bench press to lose the weight. Furthermore, she even diversified her exercises with bicep curls, leg press, and plank in between.

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While the drastic change was a result of McCarthy's new diet, pills, and mixed exercises, her determination played a significant role out of all. Even though she wasn't a big fan, she dedicated herself to the specific time and burnt all the midnight oil. In addition to that, she inspires all the women out there that as long as they are healthy, they should embrace whatever body type they have.

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