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Did Michael McIntyre Go to a Weight Loss Camp to Shed Some Pounds?

Bran Published On Wed Apr 15 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 15 2020
Did Michael McIntyre Go to a Weight Loss Camp to Shed Some Pounds?

English comedian cum TV presenter, Michael McIntyre, went through an inspirational weight loss journey. Let's see how that turned out to be.

Comedian Michael McIntyre spent most of his life making the audience laugh through his standup comedy shows around the world. Not just that, the charismatic personality currently hosts his own Saturday night series, named 'Michael McIntyre's Big Show' on BBC One. Furthermore, he was also one of the judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

So busy making people laugh, McIntyre was too caught up to look at himself, which resulted in him getting quite some weight. Thus, he went through an inspirational weight loss journey, no matter how accomplished he was for his own good. The humorous artist went through several mechanisms, be it workout or diets, and eventually achieved his goal.

How Did Michael McIntyre Gain Weight?

According to McIntyre's former colleague, Jonathan Woss, he was never very overweight, but always a bit chubby. The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge was a well-spoken, intelligent comedian who never relied on being overweight to amplify his comic talent. Furthermore, not many cared about his weight to inspire him to cut the gains, but it was his own decision, which makes it all the more inspiring. 

Michael McIntyre in a black suit and purple tie caught at the camera.

Michael McIntyre managed to lose around 28 pounds after modifying his diet.
Photo Source: Sunday Times Driving

The primary reason for his gained weight was undoubtedly his intakes. Before getting on the weight-loss train, he used to eat all sort of foods that was responsible for his significant weight. In fact, his day began with a heavy breakfast with pancakes, mixed fruit, and vanilla yogurt. Similarly, the lunch would comprise smoked venison, poached pear salad, and a satay chicken with rice in dinner. And to add the cherry on the top, he used to consume several muffins and crudites on snacks. 

A Mobile App Inspired McIntyre to Lose Weight

Michael McIntyre in a black suit poses at a comedy show.

Michael McIntyre cut down on carbohydrate and alcohol to lose weight.
Photo Source: Wikipedia

Yes, you heard it right. The comedian Michael McIntyre experienced yet another humorous moment to share, which even led him to cut off his weight. Interestingly, it was a mobile application in his son's phone, named 'Akinator the Genie', which guesses the famous people you are thinking by asking questions. The TV personality revealed on 'Graham Norton's show', how he felt to try the app while his son was at school, for all the egotistical reasons.

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Initially, it started asking questions like, "Is it a man? Is he American?" and narrowed it to a British comedian with dark hair, which got him all excited. But, then the app asked, "Is he slightly overweight?" That right there hit him quite hard, and as McIntyre took a deep breath, it replied, is it Michael McIntyre? And that was all the motivation the TV star needed to go on a weight loss journey.

Michael McIntyre Adopted Healthy Meals and Diets

It was 2013 when the millionaire worth comedian, Michael McIntyre, started on cutting down his weight. While there were workouts, he focused more on cutting down his routine food and opted for a healthy diet instead. Thanks to 'Pure Package', a bespoke diet service, which delivered three meals every day on his door for £60 per day. 

Michael McIntyre in black shirt poses at an event.

Michael McIntyre sacrificed his regular meals and alcohol to lose 28 pounds.
Photo Source: Independent

Besides that, he slimmed down by cutting out a lump sum amount of carbohydrate in his daily food. Although he went through vigorous training in 2010, which saw him lose two stones, he couldn't sustain it at that time and quickly put the weight back on.

If only I'd have known in February, I could of been eating Dominoes instead of lettuce!

The comedian even took his real-life experience to lose weight to create humor on his standup comedy shows. McIntyre claimed how as soon as his dieting was over, he couldn't stop himself from eating more. In one of the shows, he created content on his personal 'dieting' journey.

Watch: Michael McIntyre's Stand up Comedy on Dieting

Not just the British TV star cut down on the carbohydrate; he also quit alcohol, which comes as a surprise to many. Furthermore, health-conscious people might relate that diet alone isn't enough to lose weight. You have to complement it with regular and proper exercises. Luckily, Michael McIntyre was well aware of that and regularly hit the local gym to attain his objective.

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Thus, all the hard work eventually paid off. McIntyre sacrificed some of his favorite cuisines, resulting in the success to lose about 28 pounds. The television host now looks far healthier and younger than his former self, just by adopting simple lifestyle changes with sheer determination.

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