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Home health Is Plastic Surgery the Reason Karlie Redd Got a New Look? The History

Is Plastic Surgery the Reason Karlie Redd Got a New Look? The History

Bran Published On Tue Mar 24 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 24 2020
Is Plastic Surgery the Reason Karlie Redd Got a New Look? The History

Here are all the details you need to know about 'Love & Hip Hop' star Karlie Redd's plastic surgery story.

Karlie Redd, aged 45, is all over the internet, be it with her feuds, love life, or her brand new facials. Ever since she made her debut in the season premiere of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' on March 16, 2020, the fans are left shocked and curious regarding her brand new look.

New York-born model, Karlie Redd, has been quite active in the entertainment industry with movies like 'Black Spring Break 2' and 'Top Five.' Moreover, the inspirational diva even expanded her resume to music, releasing her first single, 'A Girl Has Needs,' on iTunes in July 2012. Besides all the glamorous works, the millionaire also took part in entrepreneurship launching 'Redd Remy Hairline' and 'Merci Boutique'.

Karlie Redd in a blue dress poses for a picture.

Karlie Redd is rumored to have gone several facial injections following her debut in Love and Hip Hop season premiere.
Photo Source: Karlie Redd's Instagram

Karlie Redd, currently in her mid-forties, is a mother of one. Yet, she looks nothing like that and is often questioned for it. Well, it is quite apparent that the modeling career pays big to look young, so spending big to restructure oneself shouldn't be much worse. When she first came out in the Love & Hip Hop premiere, the changes were quite transparent, so let's delve into the details right away.

Karlie Redd's Multiple Facial Surgeries

When Karlie Redd made her first appearance on 'Love & Hip Hop', she shocked all of her fan-following with her new look. Some of the transformations in her face was quite evident, starting with a botox on her forehead. Not just that, she went through some surgeries to have cheek fillers implanted on her face.

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While Karlie didn't get the response from the public as she would have hoped, the fans often seem aggressive to these unnatural mechanisms celebrities tend to do. According to the reports, she also did lip injections for her facial reconstruction.

Soaring Criticisms on Karlie's Transformation

While close friends adored Redd, who just came of a broken engagement in her new avatar, most of her followers were furious with the VH1 star. A fan commented on her Instagram photo with, "I can't believe what Karlie did to her face." Similarly, another one directly identified her new lips and said, "Why tf did Karlie get her lips done???"

A before and after surgery picture of Karlie Redd.

Karlie Redd underwent through several surgery on her nose and lips. 
Photo Source: Glamourpath

Despite creating huge controversy and buzz, Redd hasn't cleared the allegations laid out on her yet.

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The producers of 'Love & Hop: Atlanta' certainly gave us some lead on the surgeries as they told how Karlie's plastic surgery would be a key storyline for her back in August 2019.

Karlie Redd Redid Her Buttocks

The 'Love & Hip Hop' actress, Karlie Redd went through surgeries under the pants as well. Yes, she made her butts look even better to make the already attractive body pushed to the limits. 

The TV star showed her brand new butts in the most dramatic ways, with a flashy picture on her Instagram handle in August 2019. In an interview with VH1, the model denied having surgery, but she didn't rule out the possibility as she asked her doctor if it was possible. However, her doc said that the only way to get the butts she wanted was by gaining weight, which was not an option for Redd.

Karlie Redd poses for a picture in her flashy black dress.

Karlie Redd has been featuring on 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' since 2012.
Photo Source: Karlie Redd's Instagram

Karlie Redd ruled out about doing surgery on her buttocks but pictures don't lie do they?Back in August 2019, the 45-year-old Redd also refigured her nose a little, with presumably a minor surgery. 

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The prospect of looking young seems delightful, but many believe that she exceeded the limits this time. 

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