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Rosario Dawson and Daughter Lola Have Such an Ultimate Relationship!

Bran Published On Mon Mar 23 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 08 2022
Rosario Dawson and Daughter Lola Have Such an Ultimate Relationship!

Rosario Dawson is a regular name for the media, be it for her well-accomplishment as an actress or her affair with Senator Cory Booker. Stay with us to find out about her personal life with her daughter, Lola Dawson.

Rosario Dawson took one of the most significant decisions of her life in 2014, and no, it wasn't about her acting career, nor her love life. The 'Briarpatch' actress adopted a 17-year-old daughter named Lola Dawson.

Being a mother for the first time wasn't easy, especially when you are a single mom. Cory Booker's sweetheart, Rosario Dawson, always tried to maintain a loving relationship with her adopted daughter. Let us delve more into the relationship of the mother-daughter.

Dawson Adopted Lola When She Was 11

Rosario Dawson always wanted to be a mother as the void was left in her life for so long. After a first failed marriage, she decided to adopt Isabella or Lola in 2014. Surprisingly, the 'Rent' star was also an adopted child, so she always wanted to adopt one as well and was over the moon when she did. 

Rosario Dawson in a black dress with daughter, Lola.

Rosario Dawson adopted her daughter in 2014.
Photo Source: Page Six

Being a mother so late was always challenging for Rosario Dawson, but she was still up for it, like everyone else. However, open communication between them keeps everyone ticking.

My daughter looks me in the eye, and we talk to each other. I think that's important.

Rosario always takes enough time out of her career to spend with her daughter. The 'Briarpatch' actress believes that the trust-building process is still on and how she terms her as a 'very whole person.'

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Rosario, who never met her biological dad, always adored her stepfather. It was him who dated her mother when she was eight months pregnant with the future Hollywood star.

Dawson Controlled Her Daughter's Cell Phone Use

The 40-year-old actress, Rosario Dawson, acknowledged the downside of excessive use of technology for children. Consequently, she took matters into her own hand by disallowing Lola to use a cell phone when she was 15. 

Rosario Dawson in a black top and blue jeans with daughter Lola in a white coat.

Rosario Dawson disallowed her daughter to use cellphone. 
Photo Source: ABC News

In an interview with Page Six, she said how kids could be led to the dark paths using technology and social media. The diva believes that it is a critical time for kids to be developing themselves rather than getting addicted to social media.

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The TV star claims that the key to instilling a formidable relationship with kids is by talking to them so that they can share all the problems without manipulating them. The single mom and her adorable child reside at their mansion in Los Angeles. (Rosario Dawson Net Worth)

Rosario Dawson Dances with Daughter

Be it with her television and movie career, philanthropy, or political affiliation, Rosario Dawson believes in spending quality time with her daughter. They believe in spending a healthy lifestyle as they drink daily shakes, go bike riding, yoga, and hike. 

Rosario Dawson and her daughter at a Refinery event.

Rosario Dawson does yoga and dancing with her adopted daughter.
Photo Source: Hola USA

One of the best moments the mother-daughter share is the dancing they do in their constant workout time. The Hollywood star's adopted kid felt fond of dance, and Rosario couldn't be happier with that. All she wants is to cherish everything she does, be it bungee jump or a helicopter jump, with her sweet 17-year-old daughter.

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