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Home health Simon Pegg Weight Loss — He Looked Ripped and Ill at the Same Time; Check Out Why

Simon Pegg Weight Loss — He Looked Ripped and Ill at the Same Time; Check Out Why

Bran Published On Tue Apr 07 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 07 2020
Simon Pegg Weight Loss — He Looked Ripped and Ill at the Same Time; Check Out Why

Here's the weight loss journey of the 'Mission Impossible' star, Simon Pegg.

Simon Pegg remains quite popular in the United Kingdom from his well-accomplished career as an actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter. Popular with his roles in 'Star Trek,' 'Paul,' and the 'Mission Impossible' film series. The Brockworth artist broke the internet in March 2019 when he posted a shirtless picture in a completely new appearance.

For everyone who followed Pegg for long, they knew that the change was drastic as the actor looked extremely lean as if he suffered from some kind of disease. Fortunately, it wasn't anything like a disease but a lot of midnight oil burning that helped him lose significant weight. The new appearance didn't come off easy for the movie producer since he went through a few months of intense workout out. So, without wasting much time, let's get all the details.

Simon Pegg's Six Month Weight-Loss Mission Was Successful

The 50-year-old Simon Pegg went through significant body transformation before shooting for the thriller movie, 'Inheritance', which is all set to release in 2020. Since the film required its lead character 'Morgan', to be very lean, the dedicated actor decided to go through a six-month-long journey to fulfill the specific body shape and look criteria that the filmmakers would've wanted.

Simon Pegg's shirtless picture after six-month of intensive workout.

Simon Pegg lost around 20 pounds in the span of six months.
Photo Source: Twitter

The British artist took the guidance of his close friend cum personal trainer, Nick Lower, who helped him throughout the hectic schedule. It is no surprise how actors need to accommodate their physical appearances to fit themself to their character, but this time, things were quite tricky for Pegg. 

Only time will tell if the movie will be good or not and the weight-loss was worth it or not. While his trainer tweeted Pegg's picture with caption on how his brief for the movie was very lean, the movie star replied to the tweet, displaying his humor as 'Also occasional mild grumpiness...' 

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The six-month-long mission was accomplished when millionnaire Pegg went public in March 2019; he weighed 20 pounds less than his former self. Moreover, his body fat also reduced significantly from 12% to 8%, resulting in sporty six-pack ab.

Pegg's Schedule Comprised of Regular Cardio and Workout

The charismatic, Simon Pegg is generally concerned over his fitness and shape, but the requirement from 'Inheritance' pushed him to the limits. Surprisingly, his character in the movie was trapped in a basement for 30 years, which makes sense for him to look so lean. Thus, the trainer Nick Lower set tactics to reduce the body fat through a strict workout regimen.

Simon Pegg in a white t-shirt and coat poses at a high-profile event.

Simon Pegg set a goal to be extremely lean as his film, Inheritance required him to be so.
Photo Source: Twitter

The personal trainer set the 'Mission Impossible' actor's schedule to be mostly cardio, strength training, and long trail runs. Furthermore, the strength training was of high intensity focusing on the muscle, which was later done on the legs as well. Since the actor took time off to get thin, he had the advantage of time, which let him do more cardio exercises.

Pegg's Changed His Nutrition and Diet

The weight-loss was undoubtedly difficult for Simon Pegg since he was made to sacrifice a lot of his favorite cuisines and food items. Since fat was out of the proportion, he pushed on the likes of protein and vitamin with chicken and salads.

Everyone who is used to hitting the gym should be aware of how nutrition remains an integral part, and the macro-nutrients aren't managed, then any type of workout is worthless. Luckily, actor Simon Pegg was aware of that as he strictly changed his diet for six months to get in the desired shape.

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The weight loss was drastic, thanks to the determination Pegg put in. His personal trainer opened up regarding the fact as the 'Inheritance' cast could have skipped training one day a week. But he was strict and determined to achieve his goal, which remains the key to his success.

Simon Pegg Was Shocked by the Response

The 'Mission Impossible' actor, Simon Pegg, was on a mission of his own to lose pounds and get thin, which he was by March 2019. However, he didn't break any silence until July, as he revealed how he was shocked as many fans didn't appreciate his brand new look. Interestingly, most of the fans were worried as he looked so lean and questioned him if he was ill or suffered from any disease or not.

Simon Pegg in a grey suit poses for a picture.

Simon Pegg was shocked over the fan-response after he posted a picture following the workouts.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Pegg's longtime wife, Maureen McCann, was also like the rest of us as she thought her beau was ill with the lean appearance. Similarly, many appreciated him and congratulated him on his accomplishment as well. The fans need not worry since the transformation is for the movie shooting, and once that is done, the actor will be back to his older self as the maintenance of his current self is quite hectic.

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