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Is SZA Dating Any Boyfriend Now? Find Out Her Relationship History

Alizeh Published On Mon Mar 02 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 02 2020
Is SZA Dating Any Boyfriend Now? Find Out Her Relationship History

The 2017 breakout star SZA, real name Solána Imani Rowe, rose to fame after her 2017 debut album 'Ctrl' was released on June 9, 2017, on Top Dawg Entertainment and RCA Records. The album initially scheduled for release in late 2015. However, it got delayed by SZA's experience of "a kind of blinding paralysis brought on by anxiety." 

SZA has been tapped by critics as one of the year's breakthrough artists, made best-of-2017 lists clinching five Grammy nominations. 

SZA posing for a magazine shoot, off shoulder dress, curly hair with minimal makeup

Is SZA dating anyone? 
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Between her sexy music videos and a critically acclaimed album, people's interest in her personal life is growing. Who is SZA dating? If you're wondering the same thing, we will give you the full tea.

Does SZA Have a Boyfriend? 

The singer keeps a relatively low profile about her dating life; many fans are curious and asking, is SZA single? Although she talks about previous relationships with her vulnerable lyrics, the singer isn't open about her current love life. 

SZAwith open hair wearing a white sparkly gown on the grammy red carpet

SZA's Grammy look
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Based on her music history, past interviews, and Instagram posts, it looks like SZA is either casually seeing someone, or she's taking this time to be single and enjoying, finding herself.

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In an interview with the radio show 'The Breakfast Club', one of the hosts asked her if she was dating anyone. She hesitated with her response saying 'um' a couple of times, which might hint that she has a significant other, but she's keeping it on the low because of how her past relationships turned out to be. 

Watch: SZA Talks about Her Past Relationships 

The singer talked about why it was important for her to take some time for herself.

"I feel like right now, I'm in a space where I've never been before in my life and I don't know anything about myself, so I'm learning about myself, and honestly I think I was in a lot of these unhealthy relationships because I didn't have enough self-love built up and I fixed the way I felt about myself so these situations didn't happen to me anymore. You can't be scared to be lonely."

It is fair to say that SZA isn't going to straight-up reveal much about her dating history, as she explained: "I never really talked about relationships in a direct way. I used to be very metaphorical, very figurative, and also just kind of scared to talk about the way I felt in a literal way."

SZA's 'Unhealthy Relationships'

In her critically acclaimed album, 'Ctrl', SZA wrote lyrics about "unhealthy relationships." In the song 'The Weekend,' she sings about dating a guy who was involved in a relationship with another woman:

"My man is my man is your man/her, this her man too/My man is my man is your man."

Solana had a song on her album titled 'Supermodel', in which she bluntly addresses a no-good ex and her insecurities. 

SZA's supermodel music video, in a black outfit

SZA's Supermodel Video look
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She explained how this song was the easiest to make as she went through all of the things expressed in it. She recalled,

"I was dating this boy and I really liked him, and he just really had a lot of access to supermodels and beautiful women. The same boy that I wrote 'Supermodel' about, he laughed at everything I tried to do. If I tried to sing, or if I thought I was too cute, he'd be like, 'Haha, no.' I could be bad, but to a certain extent. 'Don't think you're too bad. Don't think you're above me.' "

That ex, SZA said, taught her about what's truly important in a relationship and helped her realize why comparing herself to other women is toxic.

SZA's interview on MTV,SZA in a denim jacket, open hair holding a mic

SZA talks about toxic relationships
Source: MTV, YouTube 

The singer says how, at a younger age, it is already difficult to understand oneself and personality. And in that time, if one only focuses on the insecurities and comparing oneself to others especially when it involves a significant other, then it messes the whole process of building confidence and being able to express yourself.

There Was Even a Rumor of Her Marriage but Never Confirmed

There was a rumor that SZA got married secretly in 2018, but no legal confirmation whatsoever was disclosed. The singer was speculated to be dating a famous Los Angeles promoter, who was already married to someone else. 

SZA rumored to be married 
Source: MTO 

The rumor went on for a while. However, there was no legal proof or any witness to it. The rumor was based on SZA acting weird in her professional life and her wearing the same wedding ring the producer's wife had. 

What SZA said about toxic relationships is a powerful statement as the influence of social media in our lives is enormous, and we tend to be bombarded with content, which makes the younger crowd question themselves. 

Watch: SZA Giving Advice to Her Younger Self

The social media effect can be seen significantly in the current sphere where people want what others have, which, like SZA said, is a toxic trait.

Right now, SZA seems to be focusing on herself. We can see her fantastic weight loss and Instagram posts of the Calvin Klein ad campaign on which she looks stunning.

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