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'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Raccoon, and He's a Beloved Actor

Eric Published On Thu Mar 25 2021   Modified On Mon Mar 14 2022
'The Masked Singer' Unmasks Raccoon, and He's a Beloved Actor

Those who didn't finish watching The Masked Singer Season 5, Episode 3, be aware, spoilers ahead. In its recent episode, one of the celebrities who failed to make it to another round was unmasked. Which character was unmasked?

It was Raccoon. Yes, despite being a fan favorite, he couldn't make it to the next round. So, who was performing on The Masked Singer stage in Raccoon costume?

At the Wildcard episode, the cowboy-themed mammal was none other than Danny Trejo, an American actor, and restaurateur. You read that right; Trejo was the one who performed wearing a Raccoon costume.

Trejo, 76, is famous for his films which include Heat (1995), Con Air (1997), Bubble Boy (2001), and Desperado (1995). Further, he is renowned for playing the character Machete in the movie Spy Kids.

The veteran actor showed up in the show for a wildcard entry. He was in Group A, which consist of Rodopine, Russian Doll, and Seashell.

Reaper star had a rough but fun fair of performances. In the first episode, he sang Wild Thing by The Troggs. Following that performance, in the third episode, he performed Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

Although Trejo wasn't the best singer in Group A, he was good and entertaining. For sure many thought his performance was fun to watch. However, we won't see Trejo dressed as a raccoon crossed with Woody from Toy Story.

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