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Just What We Know About Elyjah Marrow - Ice-T and LeTesha marrow Family

terry Published On Tue Aug 29 2023   Modified On Mon Oct 02 2023
Just What We Know About Elyjah Marrow - Ice-T and LeTesha marrow Family

Elyjah Marrow is the infamous son of LeTesha Marrow and the grandchild of rapper Ice-T. He is not precisely criminal to be infamous but somebody died from his hands and he was incarcerated for five years. 

Elyjah was about to be recognized by the public because he was appearing in his father's reality show. Unfortunately, he became popular for other bad reasons in 2014.

Let's know more about Marrow and his lifestyle.


Elyjah Marrow had become the victim of his own carelessness and bad luck. He was a reckless teen who stole a firearm, possessed marijuana, and accidentally shot his roommate Daryus Johnson when he mishandled that stolen gun in Georgia.

Elyjah Marrow's Mugshot
Elyjah Marrow Mugshot.

When police were at the shooting scene, his friend Johnson was not conscious and he was taken to a nearby hospital which pronounced him dead. Suddenly, reckless behavior was turned into manslaughter.

Cobb County Jury Found Him Guilty

The five-member jury of Cobb County court found Elyjah Marrow of involuntary manslaughter and other several charges including a stolen firearm, possession of marijuana, endangering life, and more related charges in 2014.

According to Marietta Pollice officials, the reason for the death of Daryus Johnson died because of the recklessness of Marrow. Elyjah was not using safety and was not handling the firearm as it is supposed to be. 

Free After Five Years in Jail

Elyjah was released in 2019 after five years in prison to start his new life and LeTesha Marrow was more than happy to see her son in real world. 

Marrow has now started his career in the Entertainment Industry after his jail time. He is not as successful as his grandfather but only time will tell. 


Marrow is the son of LeTesha Marrow who is a TV and radio host. She is the host of T-Tea-V and directs the show herself. 

Elyjah Marrow's Mother LeTesha Marrow Holding Mike in Silky Gown
Elyjah Marrow's Mother LeTesha Marrow.

His father's details are not disclosed to the public and it's been sure that his parents aren't together anymore. 

Mother's Net Worth

Marrow's mother LeTesha Marrow is an entrepreneur and business personality who has a net worth of $2 million. 

She is a fan and admirer of hip-hop culture but followed her own path of creating shows and directing. 


Elyjah's grandfather rapper Ice-T is the most recognised and respected family member. T is in his Mid-60s but still working and bringing joy to the world and his family. 

Elyjah Marrow's Grandfather Ice-T in cover with his greatest hits
Elyjah Marrow's Grandfather Ice-T.

His grandfather is also the richest in his family with a net worth of $65 million. He gave a lot of popular songs like 6 N The Morning, Colors, Original Gangster, You Played Yourself, Midnight, and More.

Elyjah Marrow's Net Worth

Elyjah Marrow has a net worth of $200,000 only which is very low compared to his other family members. 

Despite living the kind of life he never wanted, he has now made progress in music.

Mark on His Forehead

Marrow has had a birthmark right on his forehead since his birth. 


Elyjah has multiple tattoos on his body. He has written a line on his chest and has covered his right arm with tattoos which looks great on him.

Out of Social Media

Elyjah Marrow is not available on any social media. It might be because of his controversial past. 

He has deactivated all his social media including his Instagram. You can still find the link to his Instagram but that is not available now.

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