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Home news Jim Davidson's Fifth Failed Marriage With Michelle Cotton: Lost More Than $60M in Divorces Only

Jim Davidson's Fifth Failed Marriage With Michelle Cotton: Lost More Than $60M in Divorces Only

terry Published On Tue Apr 04 2023   Modified On Tue Apr 04 2023
Jim Davidson's Fifth Failed Marriage With Michelle Cotton: Lost More Than $60M in Divorces Only

Jim Davidson, the famous comedian and TV personality, has reportedly split from his fifth wife Michelle Cotton after 14 years of marriage. 

According to reports, the comedian announced the split during his "Not Yet Cancelled" tour on Friday night, referring to it as his "divorce no5". He also expressed his disappointment at having to go through another public divorce. 

Davidson has had a tumultuous love life, having been married five times before. His first marriage was to Su Walpole in 1971, but the marriage only lasted a year. They have a daughter together, Sarah Walpole-Davidson, whom they co-parent. 

He then married Julie Gullick in 1981, but they separated after five years of marriage in 1986. The comedian then married Alison Holloway in 1987, but the marriage only lasted a year. 

After a brief period of being single, Davidson married Tracy Hilton in 1990, and they had three children together, Charlie, Fred, and Elsie. However, their marriage also ended in divorce after 10 years in 2000. In 2009, he married Michelle Cotton, and the couple has been married for 14 years until recently deciding to separate. 

Davidson's previous divorces have reportedly cost him around £60 million, and he has been quite vocal about his previous relationships and the reasons behind their failure. 

Jim Davidson and Michelle Cotton Always Looked Happy.

During an interview with Piers Morgan on "Life Stories" in 2018, Davidson admitted that his attitude could be a factor in the problem. When asked if the women were to blame for his previous divorces, he responded immediately with one word, "Absolutely." 

Despite his numerous failed marriages, Davidson had spoken fondly of his fifth wife, Michelle, in the past. In the same interview with Piers Morgan, he described her as a "very nice person" who is "fiery" like him. He also expressed his hope that he would spend the rest of his life with her, adding that there is "no one better" he'd want to spend his life with. 

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Davidson's personal life has often been in the spotlight, with the comedian facing public scrutiny regarding his relationships. However, he has continued to make audiences laugh with his witty humor and hilarious performances. 

Despite the difficulties he has faced in his personal life, Davidson remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry, and his contributions to comedy and television have been recognized and celebrated by his fans and colleagues. 

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