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Meet Felipe Paschoal Borges - Fiance of Lindsley Register

terry Published On Fri Jul 07 2023   Modified On Fri Jul 07 2023
Meet Felipe Paschoal Borges - Fiance of Lindsley Register

Laura from Walking Dead Lindsley Register's divorce from her husband Alexander McPherson has made her fans wonder who she is dating. Well, the surprise is over and she is currently dating Felipe Paschoal Borges. 

Register's current relationship status after divorcing McPherson is engaged with Borges.

Let's see what we know about her new love Felipe.

Borges is Not a Celebrity Like Her

Lindsley Register's new boyfriend Felipe Paschoal Borges is not a celebrity like her. 

Felipe Paschoal Borges and Lindsley Regsiter July Vacation.

While she is famous for her role as Laura from HBO's The Walking Dead and Dharma from Six TV series, her boyfriend is not a public figure.

Made Love Official on Valentine's Day

Register officially announced her new boyfriend Borges on 2022 Valentine's Day through her Instagram where she stated a heart-touching caption that says "In this burning ring of fire with you, my love. Happy Valentines Day.". It's deep, don't you think?

This also suggests that they were dating for some time but wouldn't want to make the relationship public. 

Borges' Insta is Private

Felipe Paschoal Borges' Instagram is private with only one profile picture to see. I don't know what he is keeping secret but his life is pretty much open to the public through Lindsley Register.

Felipe Paschoal Borges's Profile Picture on his Instagram.

He has almost 900 followers which is way too lower than of her girlfriend. 

Love is in The Air

For Felipe and Lindsley, love is in the air. Just go to see Lindsley's Instagram post, they are definitely love birds. 

It looks like the only things they are doing are having fun, talking sweetly, eating good food, traveling best places, and making love. Life just looks good for them.

Felipe Paschoal Borges and Lindsley Register Enjoying a Good Time.

The couple also visited Brazil and enjoyed a lovely time. This kind of romance is leading to their marriage only. It also looks like Lindsley met Felipe's parents in Brazil.

Engaged to Lindsley Register

Borges proposed to marry Register in April 2023 and gave her an eye-soothing expensive diamond ring. 

Register couldn't wait to flaunt her diamond ring and say she is gonna marry him. She said that she is going to marry her baby daddy which could be confusing to people who don't know that she was referring to their Japanese Spitz dog as her baby.

Felipe Borges proposed Lindsley Register with an elongated Diamond Ring.

The Diamond on her ring is elongated and the ring is of gold. It probably cost Felipe more than $100k. 


Felipe Borges has a love for tattoos.

He has huge tattoos on both his hand and legs from ankle to knee in his right leg with a single design. 

Felipe Borges' tattoo can be seen while he is kissing his fiance.

He also has a tattoo on his right hand where he inked an anchor and eagle design. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Felipe Paschoal Borges is $5 million.

Dog Lover

Borges is a dog lover. He has more than three dogs in his home and he takes them everywhere he goes. 

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