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Is Kym Whitley Married? Details of Her Relationship Status and Dating History!

Bran Published On Tue Jun 23 2020   Modified On Tue Jun 23 2020
Is Kym Whitley Married? Details of Her Relationship Status and Dating History!

Kym Whitley is a household name in the showbiz industry, best known for her roles in 'Animal Practice' and 'The Parkers.' Grab all the details about her relationship status and dating history right here.

Kym Whitley is one of Hollywood's finest assets, especially when it comes to the field of acting and comedy. Over the years, she displayed her versatility in acting in several movies like 'Next Friday,' 'Baby Boy,' and 'The Perfect Man.' The 58-year-old even bagged the 7th Indie Series Awards for 'The Bay' in the Best Guest Actress - Drama category. Besides, she also received nominations in BET Comedy Awards and 44th Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards in the past.

While people are aware of Whitley's professional endeavors, the diva tries to keep a low-profile of her romantic side. However, she often gives dating advice to all the teenagers out there to make the right choices and maybe not make the same mistakes as she did. Talking about Kym's love life, it is not as resounding as her career. So, without wasting much time, let's find out.

Kym Whitley Is Not Married But Is A Mother

Kym Whitley in a black dress poses for a picture.

Kym Whitley lives with the Rodney Van Johnson, the father of her adopted child.
Photo Source: Special Needs Network

Kym Whitley's ideologies about relationships and marriages don't match with many as she hasn't been committed to anyone in a marital relationship till the current date. The comedian adopted a son named Joshua back in January 2011. In fact, she made the big decision to welcome a child in her life alongside former partner Rodney Van Johnson.

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The relationship between Whitley and Rodney is quite dramatic, as both the individuals seem to have conflicting opinions on their affair. Even though the 'Black Dynamite' actress adopted a child with Johnson, she ruled out any romantic affair with her adopted son's primary father figure. The Hollywood star revealed on how they 'will never be together as a couple' in an interview.

Kym Whitley in a black dress poses for a picture.

Kym Whitley adopted a son named Joshua in January 2011.
Photo Source: Ethnicity of Celebrity

Whitley and Johnson decided to stay in a living relationship in 2014 to give their son the best possible childhood, even if they ruled out any romantic interests against each other. Interestingly, the two did open up on a hint about their past to their therapist. Upon the question on their intimacy, Whitley denied sleeping with Rodney straight away. On the other hand, the adopted child's father paused a little and satirically turned to the actress and asked, 'We haven't? Kym responded saying, 'No, we did not, and I'm about to throw up in my mouth if you say it again.' The two might not indulge in an intimate affair in the future, but they did hint on how they had something in the past. 

Kym Whitley's Views on Dating and Romance

Kym Whitley might be living together with Johnson, but that doesn't stop her from getting out and dating other men. In an interview with Steve Harvey, she told how her relationships never worked long term as she got in arguments with her dates after a short time of the honeymoon phase. While she loves the initial stage, Whitley gets annoyed as things start looking serious, especially when things get clingy, and love feelings get involved.

Kym Whitley poses a picture with Rodney Van Johnson and their son.

Kym Whitley ruled out any potential relationship with Rodney Johnson.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Kym still lives with the father of her adopted child, but the two are on their own dating game. In fact, she said how her romantic interests and choices are not of Johnson's concerns at all. Surprisingly, she did tell how she get romantic feelings with him sometime when she is drinking alcohol, which is pretty rare. Despite all that, things don't look serious between them, and they don't seem to get married anytime soon.

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