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Home health Leah McSweeney Plastic Surgery - Get All Facts Here

Leah McSweeney Plastic Surgery - Get All Facts Here

Parker Published On Mon Jul 05 2021   Modified On Mon Jul 05 2021
Leah McSweeney Plastic Surgery - Get All Facts Here

Find Out Whether Leah McSweeney Underwent Plastic Surgery or Not Here.

The streetwear fashion designer, Leah McSweeney, is the cast member of Bravo's The Real Housewives. Further, she is the founder and CEO of Married to the mob- a clothing line. 

Leah launched that brand with her ex-boyfriend Rob Cristofaro back in 2004, inspiring female empowerment. The 38-years old designer is a parent to her daughter, Keir Marie, with Rob. Though they are not together now, they still take care of their baby girl together.

Besides her professional career, McSweeney's personal life also gets a lot of attention from people. Notably, her plastic surgery falls under the radar of most of the media and people search history. Thus, below, we look at the details of her plastic surgery to get some insight into her personal life.

Leah McSweeney Went Under The Knife For a Breast Lift

Leah McSweeney, the founder, and CEO of the clothing brand, Married to the mob, gifted herself a Christmas breast lift. On December 26, the fashion designer shared the news via Instagram along with a post-op selfie. She wrote a caption that she couldn't wait to show off the new and improved girls.

Married to the mob, the founder and CEO of the clothing brand, Leah McSweeney, gifted herself a Christmas boob lift

Leah McSweeney before and after breast augmentation.
Photo Source: The Us Sun

The ROHNY cast Leah revealed that she received the breast augmentation by a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Maman. She has recovered from the surgery and began her daily activities.

Leah McSweeney inspiration was of Model Miranda Kerr at the Magnum pink and black party in Cannes in 2015.

Leah McSweeney referenced her breast surgery from the model Miranda Kerr.
Photo Source: Getty Images

McSweeney shared a photo on Instagram featuring the breasts she referenced for her breast implants. As per several sources, the inspiration for the surgery was model Miranda Kerr at the Magnum pink and black party in Cannes in 2015. In the snap, a bra-less Kerr donned a plunging, pink dress that showed off a whole lot of cleavage. 

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"As she lays for days recovering from her Xmas boob lift and augmentation all she can wonder is how the Kardashians find the time to recover from all their work," the Married to the Mob founder wrote on Instagram. She also said she couldn't wait to show off the new and improved girls. However, this is not her first surgery; before this, she had done a nose job.

Leah McSweeney Underwent Nose Surgery.

The Bravo star Leah McSweeney, 38, isn't afraid to share it all, from her illustrious tattoos to her new nose job. She took her Instagram Story to reveal that she had gone under the knife, showing off her bruises after a nose job.

Leah McSweeney underwent nose surgery.

The ROHNY star Leah McSweeney before and after nose surgery.
Photo Source: Page Six

After people saw her black eyes and bruises, they began DMing like crazy, inquiring why she had black eyes and asking if she had got a nose job or beaten by anybody. 

McSweeney shared her video, saying that she was not trying to hide anything from anybody, and she got a Rhinoplasty and a Septoplasty. Leah continued saying that she decided to go under the knife because she had wanted for so long.

She thanked her surgeon, Dr. Daniel Maman, for working on her perfectly. McSweeney said that her doctor did his job perfectly because there are no post-op complications, and he is a fantastic doctor and a great guy.

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Bravo star promised her followers that she will always be honest and never pretend that her slimmed nose resulted from makeup. In addition, she said that she would never be one of those people who acts like it does not work; it's contour makeup.

Leah McSweeney Will Support her Daughter If She Wants To Get Plastic Surgery

In an interview with US Weekly, Leah McSweeney revealed that if her daughter, Kier, 12, wanted to get plastic surgery, she would support her. She shows nothing but love towards her baby girl.

Leah McSweeney revealed that she will support her daughter Kier if she wants to get plastic surgery in future.

Leah Mcsweeney with her daughter Keir Marie.
Photo Source: Instagram

The RHONY star exclusively told the magazine that if the surgery's reason makes sense, only she will support her. Leah explained that her most central question is how to protect her daughter, Kiki, in the current social media-focused world.

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"I'm done spending money on it. I'm done taking time off to heal," Leah told US Weekly in January. "I think these were the two things that I've always wanted, or the only things that I've ever thought about getting."

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