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Olivia Theresa Longott: R&B Singer Who Was Supposed to Be Greatest

terry Published On Thu Jul 27 2023   Modified On Thu Jul 27 2023
Olivia Theresa Longott: R&B Singer Who Was Supposed to Be Greatest

Olivia Theresa Longott is a famous American singer who started to get noticed after her regular performance with rapper 50 Cent lead G-Unit. You can't miss her in "Candy Shop", one of the most popular songs of G-Unit featuring Olivia.

Currently, she is known as just Olivia but her other names are O-Lovely and Lady O. 

We have presented the facts about the singer that you might not know. All her fans are welcome. 

More than Two Decades in The Industry

It's been more than two decades that Olivia has been producing music and she is very thankful for that. On May 16, 2023, she celebrated the 22 years of her career in the industry.

Olivia Theresa Longott's First Album Cover Look.

She wrote:

22 years ago today, my life changed. 22 years later I’m still so blessed to be working in this industry and today is the day, in 2001, that I released my debut album as the very first artist signed to the legendary @clivejdavis ‘ J Records. I had an opportunity to work with another legend @juneambrose as she did the styling of the album and videos and @oscarjameshair and @mrjaymanuel who gave me thee best hair and makeup for the album and videos. I have created some timeless music with phenomenal writers and producers. Thank you to all of my Friends, Family & Fans who have supported me throughout my career. I love you 😘

Happy Album Anniversary 💽

S/O to @d0nchristopher for running the best fan pages for me, @coachpaulknows for always having my back and to the dopest A&R who got me signed @thekeithnaftaly 💜 #happyanniversary #olivia #album #bizounce

Longott thanked everybody who played a part in her success including her fans.

Net Worth

Olivia Therese Longott has an incredible net worth of $4 million from her two-long decade musical career. She has released four albums so far and her first album sold half a million copies worldwide. 

Olivia Longott in her Mercedez. 

Besides albums, she made so much money from her concerts all over the USA, with G-Unit too, her debut was her biggest.

LAHH Earning

Olivia was reportedly earning about $30,000 per month from the LAHH franchise.

Dating Rumors With 50 Cent

While Olivia was collaborating with G-Unit, there was a rumor circulating that she was dating the band's foreman 50 Cent. 

Olivia clearly denied the fact later on and said they never dated. In fact, 50 was a mentor to her rather than a lover.

Fallout With G-Unit and 50 Cent

Olivia has a contract with G-unit but she later left the work with them because of how she was being marketed by 50 Cent. 

Olivia Longott and 50 Cent Don't Work Together Anymore.

Cent was clearly putting in front as a rapper when she was an R&B singer. She didn't like how she was being branded and left to work as an independent singer. She had a contract with Clive Davis's J Records too where great many singers like Pink Floyd and Whitney Houston were. 

Who She Dated?

Olivia Longott has been in the news for many relationships and many of them are not confirmed by her or any linked party but her name has been romantically linked with many people, more often celebrities. 

Let's look at whom she has been linked with. 

Missy Elliot

Olivia's name was linked with rapper Missy Elliot way back ago. Of course, the rumor starter was 50 Cent who claimed that they have been dating. 

These rumors are not confirmed by both of them but maybe they were really dating. Olivia had mentioned that nothing sexual has happened between them. 

Darelle Revis

This is not a rumor. Olivia and Drelle Revis dated less than a year from 2009-2010. Revis was a New York Jets cornerback at the time. 

Olivia Longott and Darelle Revis Dated in 2009 for brief time.

They had already broken up at Olivia's presence at LHHNY but the show had content about their relationship.

Laz Alonso

Olivia was again linked with actor Laz Alonso in 2010 who has acted in the high-profile movies like Avatar and the Fast & Furious franchise. 

Alonso did not directly deny the rumors but stated he does not date celebrities. 


This is a confirmed relationship. Olivia Longott and Maino had dated on and off in the past but their pictures of being intimate with each other came to light just in 2011.

Olivia confirmed that they once dated but that was before the pictures came to light. Many in the LAHH franchise thought that they were in a serious relationship. 


Olivia had dated Jamaican singer Shaggy and they have collaborated in music too. This relationship ended because she found out that Shaggy has been cheating on her with two different women including a college girl. 

Olivia found out that he was cheating when she checked her phone and found out his side chick has texted him to bring a condom the next time he visits her. 

Yup! This relationship was not going too far. 

Still, Olivia said that he was just not a good boyfriend but a great guy. 

Tarence Kinsey

Olivia Longott and Tarence Kinsey dated in 2012 and this was the most open relationship she ever had in a long time. Kinsey is a professional basketball player. 

Olivia openly said that she was happily in love with him but it never came out why they broke up. 

Okay, these were all the relationships she was linked with but nothing permanent and long-lasting. But she is engaged now.


Olivia confirmed that she was engaged in 2019, but never revealed the identity of a man she was about to marry. Many were hoping that her fiance would turn up in one of the episodes of LAHH but he didn't. Maybe he is special and she wanted it to be a personal matter only. As they say, people ruin good things. 

As of now, it has not been confirmed that she is married to him or not.


Longott is fond of tattoos and has inked multiple tattoos on her body. 

Palm Tattoo

Olivia has a tattoo inked on the side her of palm where it is written "Faith". She is a believer and praises god for everything she has achieved till now. 

Olivia Longott showing her tattoos on her hand.

Wrist Tattoo

She has another tattoo on her wrist which have the initials of the music sign followed by other characters. You can see it in the above picture. 

Feet Tattoo

Olivia has a unique tattoo on her feet too. The tattoo has a saxophone-shaped tattoo with strings of music and flowers. 

Olivia Longott's Feet Tattoo.

All her tattoos are related to music in one way or another. 

Plastic Surgery

As she is the part of LAHH community, many believe that she has had some kind of Plastic Surgery to look fit but actually, she hasn't. 

Many casts of LAHH like Somaya Reece and Kimbella Matos have done plastic surgery.

Feud With Rich Dollaz

Olivia had a feud with her former manager Rich Dollaz about money. She claimed that Rich made lots of money using her music and her former manager still owes her $100,000.

The feud was brought up in one of the episodes of LAHH but Rich denied the fact and remained inconclusive.

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