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Ozzy Osbourne Sheds Light on His Fear of Bandmate Tony Iommi

Alizeh Published On Thu Feb 06 2020   Modified On Thu Feb 06 2020
Ozzy Osbourne Sheds Light on His Fear of Bandmate Tony Iommi

During a recent appearance on the ‘Broken Record’ podcast, Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne has revealed why he’s so afraid of his bandmate, guitarist Tony Iommi. 

Ozzy Osbourne is known to be a legendary icon, but there is still that person who intimidates him. While talking about his relationship with Iommi, Osbourne has revealed that they still friends and bandmates for a long time.

ozzy singing on stage

Why is Ozzy Osbourne intimidated by Tony Iommi 
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Ozzy Osbourne has praised Tony Iommi as “the greatest” guitarist but also admitted his intimidation toward former Black Sabbath bandmate.

Osbourne reflected on the success of Black Sabbath, who bowed out for good in 2017 following a farewell tour and took time to appraise his bandmates. 

black and white picture of the black sabbath band members young days

'Black Sabbath' band 
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The Prince of Darkness praised all the artists he admires. “Geezer Butler a great, great lyricist. And as a bassist nobody can touch him.”

Osbourne said. “Bill Ward, in his day, was a great drummer. Tony Iommi, he’s always gonna be the greatest no one can touch him. And actually, to this day, I still don’t understand how he plays guitar, ’cause he’s got no fingertips; he plays with plastic fingers.”

Further appreciating Tony, Osbourne said, 

When he got diagnosed with cancer, he just dealt with it. That’s him. I’m going [imitates crying sound], and he’s, like, ‘Whatever I have to do.’ He’s like that. He’s always been like that. Very calm.

He was the band, really,” Osbourne added. “We were all part of the band, but he was the most irreplaceable one out of all of us.

Ozzy, who's worth a mamoth $220 million, recalled how he truly admired Iommi back in the days and still does. The artist, even today, speaks very highly of Iommi, which is a sign of a real artist. “People will say to me, ‘Why did you always sing on the side of the stage?’ I don’t fucking know. I don’t know.”

tony playing the guitar and ozzy singing

Ozzy and Tony on stage 
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Ozzy described how Tony is one of the few people who could walk into a room and make him feel intimidated.’

What Osbourne feels is a right kind of intimidation, which is out of respect and admiration, and one should always have that in them to do better in life.

Ozzy Osbourne has done his first interview since going public with his Parkinson’s diagnosis, and he made a heartbreaking statement about the ‘death’ during the conversation with ‘Kerrang!’ magazine.

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As we all know, on 28 January, The Prince of Darkness announced that he had diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after years of health problems.

Ozzy Osbourne discussed his mortality and said that he does not feel happy because of being unhealthy for a long-time.

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