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Is Post Malone Gay? Get All the Facts Here

Heisenberg Published On Fri Mar 27 2020   Modified On Fri Mar 27 2020
Is Post Malone Gay? Get All the Facts Here

Is Post Malone Gay? Read this article to find out!

Being a superstar is a thing millions of people dream about, but very few achieve. The life of a star celebrity looks great when observed from the outside, with all the high earnings, fancy cars, and a lavish lifestyle. But one downside of being recognized by many people is that someone constantly watches you. The media always try to snoop into your personal details, and your private life does not become private anymore.

That's why most celebrities get angry at the paparazzi when they are constantly following wherever he/she goes. Anything different you do becomes a subject of gossip or rumor, and it does not take long enough to spread through the Internet. You must keep an eye on your actions, and you should be careful enough not to mess things up. That is because even small matters can lead to big controversies, and they may also cause your downfall.

Post Malone has been able to garner fame in a short period of time.

Post Malone with Green Day lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong.
Source: Global News

Post Malone, while fairly a recent yet hugely popular singer right now, is, too, not immune from the controversies. Lately, there have been some speculations on the rapper that he is addicted to drugs following his bizarre actions in his concerts

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Some of the videos that emerged from the concert showed that he indeed was behaving abnormally in his performances, but some fans started a whole series of theories that he might have a substance addiction problem. The singer has denied these claims so far, but the people are not convinced.

Post Malone - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Another thing that seems to bother people on the Internet about Post Malone, surprisingly, is his sexuality. The most trivial of all questions people seem to ask was if Post Malone was confused about this sexuality. 

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For those who were wondering about Post Malone's sexual orientation, they must really give a second thought to how ridiculous and irrelevant it is. Does he have a gay guy characteristic, like a way of talking or dressing up? If that seems too general, then we can always take a look at his dating history.

Post Malone and his former girlfriend Ashlen Diaz.

Post Malone and his former girlfriend Ashlen Diaz.
Source: Daily Mail

Malone was actually linked to Ashlen Diaz, and they were dating way before he gained fame. She met Malone in 2015 when she booked him for a show in Dallas at a nightclub. Their meeting turned into much more, and the two fell in love. Well, a Gay man cannot develop feelings for a girl, right? Anyway, they dated for four years and broke up in 2018.

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So, we have come to a conclusion that Post Malone is not gay since he is into girls. If you are still skeptical, we hope you click on this link that we found on Quora, which is both a hilarious and perfect answer to your doubts: Is Post Malone Gay?

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