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Home health Ethan Suplee Before and After Transformation - All the Facts Here!

Ethan Suplee Before and After Transformation - All the Facts Here!

Heisenberg Published On Wed Oct 21 2020   Modified On Wed Oct 21 2020
Ethan Suplee Before and After Transformation - All the Facts Here!

Grab all the details on the weight loss of American actor Ethan Suplee.

Ethan Suplee is best known for his role as Seth Ryan in 'American History X,' Louie Lastik in 'Remember the Titans,' Frankie in 'Boy Meets World,' and Randy Hickey in 'My Name Is Earl.' He also played other roles like Toby in 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' Elwood in 'Without a Paddle,' and his roles in Kevin Smith's films.

Ethan Suplee nowadays has been making headlines, not for his new movies and television series, for undergoing a tremendous weight loss lately. Early this year, he revealed that he dropped an incredible 200 pounds of weight, surprising many people with his transformation. How was he able to undergo such a tremendous transformation? Let's find out.

How Did Ethan Suplee Undergo 200-Pound Weight Loss?

In the last few years, Ethan Suplee underwent a tremendous weight loss, dropping an unbelievable 200 pounds by early 2020. For a person who weighed over 500 pounds for most of his adult life, this was quite an achievement. In the first episode of his ongoing podcast about obesity called American Glutton, he talked about his weight loss journey and issues he faced for the majority of his adult life with his unhealthy eating habits. 

Ethan Suplee underwent 200-pound weight loss.

Ethan Suplee underwent a 200-pound weight loss.
Source: Men's Health

'I had this idea that food was something that people didn't want me to have, so if I wanted to have more, I needed to do it privately, and it became something I was withholding from people,' he said in the podcast. 'I actually realized later in life that much of my binge eating came on my own. When I was a teenager I would go out to a nightclub with my friends, and never really felt comfortable eating in front of people, but on my way home I'd always find a 24-hour drive-through and eat three whole meals right before bed.'

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Ethan Suplee's weight loss was possible through the changes he made to his lifestyle and eating habits. He reduced his daily calorie intake by 20 percent, and instead of consuming food items high in carbohydrate, he opted to eat protein-rich food like turkey and non-fat Greek yogurt. And for his workout, he frequented the gym for six days a week and predominantly doing the push-pull-legs workout.

Ethan Suplee Struggled With Weight Issues Since His Childhood

Ethan Suplee's weight issues began early in his childhood, at the young age of five. Even though his parents were strict on his diet, he would often engage in overeating when his parents were not looking. This led him to grow up to 200 pounds by the time he was ten years of age.

Ethan Suplee reached 200 pounds by the time he was ten years of age.

Ethan Suplee reached 200 pounds by the time he was ten years of age.
Source: Promipool

Ethan Suplee began acting at the age of 16, but he used to get roles that were only meant for 'fat kids.' He struggled to find acting jobs with other roles due to his body size. 'I never wanted to do something where I was the fat guy who was the butt of a fat guy joke,' he said, as per People. 'I told my agents to look for roles outside the box that could work for me. There were instances where somebody would want to add a line about me being fat, and I would just say, 'Hey, no, we're not doing that.'

In 2002, Ethan Suplee considered to slim down for his own benefit. 'I had this girlfriend at the time, and I just realized at some point that in order to have a lasting relationship with her and be able to lead the life I wanted to lead, I would have to do something about my health,' he told Mens Health. He hereby underwent a liquid diet, and he now says that at the time, he lost about 80 pounds of body weight in two months. He also adopted a diet of eating small portions of lean meat and vegetables most of the time, and this way, he dropped to 400 pounds. But this was still not enough to reach his goal.

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'You have this immediate massive drop in weight, and you go okay, I want to keep riding that roller coaster to the finish line,' he says. 'But there's no thought to the long term practicality of weight loss.' But the subsequent years saw him bulk up again, and some of his acting roles demanded such body shape. 'I wasn't factoring in how I was going to maintain my weight at work when I was working like, 14 hours a day, five days a week,' he says. 'Over the course of five years, I gained 100 pounds.'

Ethan Suplee Gained and Lost Weight Multiple Times Over the Years

After the end of his role in the sitcom 'My Name is Earl,' in 2009, which required him to be overweight, Ethan Suplee decided to lose weight again. But this time, he was serious and would not consider gaining pounds for the sake of a role of a 'fat man.' He began restricting his calorie intake and adopted a healthier diet option. He once admitted he was doing 'all kinds of really crazy stupid diets,' which required him only to eat when he was actually on the bike and then cycle rigorously till his lost 220 pounds. 

Ethan Suplee gained and lost weight alternatively over the years.

Ethan Suplee gained and lost weight alternatively over the years.
Source: OK! Magazine

But Ethan Suplee was still not satisfied. 'I was really, really unhappy with how I looked, and I didn't feel comfortable in my skin,' he says. 'I felt like a light breeze would knock me over. I don't know if I'm just big-boned or a big dude, but 220 felt really, really small.' Afterward, he crashed his bike badly and had to take CrossFit instead. But he then busted his knee and was unable to workout. With no exercise, he again went on to gain weight, and this time bulked up by 150 pounds.

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In the Last Few Years, He Again Picked Up on His Weight Loss Habit, But This Time He Made Some New Additions to His Routine

In 2016, Ethan Suplee was cast in Hulu's series 'Chance,' in which he had to play the role of D, a big, tough guy. For that role, he began to lift weights, and he began to get addicted to the habit. 'I found that I really enjoyed lifting weights and I could get my workout in an hour, and so that wasn't like a huge part of my day,' he says. 'Even if I had a really long workday, I could go before or go after.'

Ethan Suplee working out.

Ethan Suplee working out.
Source: Strong Chap

In terms of his diet, Ethan Suplee began by adopting the currently in-trend Ketogenic diet. But soon, he came across a TED Talk by Dr. Mike Isratel, 'The Scientific Landscape of Healthy Eating.' 'I probably watched it four times in a row,' he disclosed in a recent interview. 'I was just like, this is not what I was being told.'

Following the education he got from the video, Etha Suplee began eating a low-fat diet. He gained a little weight at first, but as he continued to strictly follow the routine, he began to see the results. This way, he succeeded in slimming down to 260 pounds. He also brought a change to how he performed workouts. 'I don't give a crap about how many plates I have on there, that's irrelevant,' he says. 'The only thing I'm trying to do at this point is to lose fat and hold onto the muscle.'

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And now, Ethan Suplee has got his well-organized diet and fitness routine, and he sticks to it. 'I actually work to make my diet unenjoyable,' he says when talking about his diet. 'I'm trying partially because I'm a little bit of a masochist, but also because I want food not to be a crutch emotionally. I want it to be a source of fuel.'

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